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Kumkum Bhagya Abhi Pragya Maha Milan finally Abhi and Pragya finally meet after a long time. They get stuck in the situation. Their souls unite and get peace. Abhi and Pragya’s longing gets witnessed in the romantic moment. The goons attack Aryan and flee. Aaliya worries for her son. Abhi gets depressed to get away from Pragya once again. Abhi and Pragya get timely help. They try to catch the culprit. The family gets to meet Pragya after a long time. They want Pragya to come back. Dadi tells Aaliya that the culprits planned to kill Abhi. Aaliya feels Abhi isn’t safe. She rushes to inform the police. The goons try to get saved from Abhi. Abhi gets the goon arrested for attempting to harm him by breaking the chandelier ropes.

The goon denies to have any such intention of harming anyone. He tells Abhi that he had done this crime to get famous. He lies on his boss’ orders. Abhi meets Sahil, an artist from his industry. He doesn’t know Sahil is involved in such wrong activities. Sahil doesn’t want the goon to testify anything. Aaliya wants Purab to admit Sarita and return home as soon as possible for Aryan’s sake. She texts him about Aryan’s tension. Purab wants to go home. He asks doctors to give best treatment to Sarita. He tells Pragya about Aryan, his son. Pragya can’t believe that Purab had a child with Aaliya. She tells him that he should be with his family.

Purab asks her how did she manage all alone as a single mother. Pragya tells him that she is still single, since she loves Abhi. Purab promises to keep her secrets. He knows his son is fine and Aaliya is just wanting him home by lying. Rishi meets Pragya to know about Sarita. Pragya and Rishi take the responsibility of Sarita’s treatment. Aaliya tells Vikram that they can’t enjoy the function until the danger subsides. Vikram announces that Abhi is safe and one of the goon is caught too. He wants the guests to relax. Rhea and Ranbir are also worried. She feels Prachi will tell everyone about Ranbir’s rejecting her proposal.


She gets angry on him for rejecting her proposal in front of Prachi. Ranbir tells Rhea that he couldn’t accept her proposal, since he is working on her challenge to trick Prachi in love. He asks Rhea to help him in winning Prachi’s faith. Rhea agrees to him. Ranbir and Rhea have no idea whatever happened in the celebrations. Aryan reveals everything to them. He tells about Sarita’s condition. Rhea gets worried for Pragya and calls her up. Pragya tells Rhea that she is fine. She doesn’t want to tell Prachi about Abhi.

Prachi is angry on Ranbir for rejecting Rhea’s proposal. She sympathizes with Rhea. She feels Ranbir is a big liar. Sarita gets emotional on meeting Rishi. She bonds with him. She tells him that Pragya is Anuradha, her daughter from now. Rishi asks him not to stay upset with Anuradha. She wants to meet Anuradha too. She loves her grandson a lot. She wants to go home soon. Sahil drops Abhi home. He wants to steal the gold from Bappa idol. He plans to kidnap Rhea and keep her hostage. He thinks its too risky, since Abhi is a rich influential man.

Sahil’s man is revengeful against Rhea. He doesn’t want to spare Rhea. Ranbir wishes his plan works. His Dadi wants to confirm if he is interested in Rhea or Prachi. Abhi wants to meet Pragya. Dadi tells him that Pragya had gone with Purab to admit Sarita in the hospital, but she promised to come back. Abhi wants to meet Pragya. Purab tells him that he can meet Pragya. Abhi gets emotional. He hopes to meet Pragya and get her home.

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