Kundali Bhagya Marriage dilemma and drama for Preeran

Kundali Bhagya Marriage, dilemma and drama for Preeran

Kundali Bhagya Marriage, dilemma and drama for Preeran Rishabh ends his friendship with Preeta since she is marrying Prithvi. He tells Preeta that he would always want her happiness. Rishabh sinks in her memories. He loved her dearly. He feels sorry that she isn’t believing him and marrying Prithvi. Prithvi feels he is too lucky. He boasts of himself. He wants to worship himself for his greatness. He feels Karan couldn’t harm his motives. He looks forward to marry Preeta. He gets troubled by Karan once again. Karan wants to swap the groom. He tells Prithvi that he won’t let him marry Preeta. He faints Prithvi the same way as before.

Karan takes Sameer’s help to handle Prithvi. He sends Sameer home to manage everything. He takes the groom’s place in the mandap once again. He wants to marry Preeta. Karan finds Preeta upset. He doesn’t know the entire truth, but he wants to control his feelings for her. He hates her since she was trying to save Prithvi. He gets angry that she wanted to marry Prithvi by all her will. Sameer knows that Sarla will be in shock once Karan’s truth gets known. He wants Karan to convince Luthra family as well. Preeta and Karan get ahead with their marriage rituals. He aims to ruin her life. He wants to give her sorrow. Prithvi’s mum doesn’t know that Prithvi is kidnapped again. She pities Luthra family, who got Sherlyn in their family.

She is happy that Prithvi got rid of Sherlyn. Kareena is angry on Preeta. She asks Rakhi why did she attend Preeta’s marriage, when Karan stopped them. She is unhappy with the way the family cares and loves Preeta. Rakhi apologizes to her. She regards Preeta as her daughter. She wanted to bless her. Kareena reminds how Preeta was supporting Prithvi and got them insulted. She feels Preeta didn’t care to get justice for Mahesh. She asks Rakhi to be loyal to Mahesh and family, than Preeta. Sherlyn gets happy hearing about Kareena’s hatred for Preeta. Kareena and Dadi are sure that Preeta is inauspicious for them.

Kareena wants Preeta to go away from their lives. Sherlyn rejoices and thinks to rule over the family. Sarla stays tensed. She wants Preeta to stay happy. Sarla questions her heart if she is doing right with Preeta. Biji tells Sarla that Preeta has always supported Prithvi for their sake, she doesn’t love Prithvi. She tells that Preeta’s heart loves someone else. Sarla acts ignorant about Preeta’s feelings for Karan. Preeta and Karan get married finally.


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