Zee5 Kundali Bhagya Top 3 Spoilers Today

Zee5 Kundali Bhagya Top 3 Spoilers Today

Zee5 Kundali Bhagya Top 3 Spoilers Today Groom swapping happens again. Pandit ji solemnizes Karan and Preeta’s marriage and asks them to accept each other as husband and wife. The groom behind the sehra is Karan and Preeta is unaware of the fact. Kareena, Rakhi and Dadi reach home. Kareena tells that she is sad that the person guilty of Mahesh is not punished, but is relieved thinking that Preeta is getting married, says they shall not care if she lives or dies. She says finally that middle-class girl is gone from our lives forever. Sherlyn hears them and smiles. Rakhi is sad.

Karan removes the sehra and shows his face shocking Preeta and others. Shristi smiles seeing him. The groom swapping comes as shock to Sarla. Karan confesses his love to Preeta and says how could he let her marriage happen with bearded sheep referring Prithvi.

Raja Beta: Vedant returns after burning sindoor and other stuff for Purva and finds her hanged to the ceiling. Pankhudi also reaches there in an auto. Vedant cries and asks Purva to get up and opens her eyes. He recalls the promise made to Purva that he will get all the guilty punished for their child’s murder.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Swara stays back in the temple seeing necklace falling down from Aao Saheb’s purse. Aao Saheb presents the necklace to the Goddess in the temple. Malhar and Kalyani reach the temple following Swara’s phone last location. Kalyani asks Malhar to hurry up and says we have to meet Swara. She is super excited to meet her. Swara steals the necklace presented by Aao Saheb on the idol. Aao Saheb catches her red-handed and slaps her for stealing necklace from God’s temple. Malhar and Kalyani reach there and see Swara slapped by Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb tells them that she caught her red-handed. Malhar is shocked to know about his sister’s habit of stealing things to feed the poor.


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