Choti Sarrdarni Meher Sarabjeet part ways

Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet

Choti Sarrdarni Meher Sarabjeet part ways Sarabjeet is in tension seeing Param getting more attached with Meher. He makes it clear that they will be soon divorced and now she has to instil hatred in Param’s heart. Meher’s happiness gets down. Sarabjeet tells her that Param has lost his mother once and now he would be facing the same pain again. He doesn’t want Meher and Param to get more close since Meher is leaving from their lives. He tells her that Param doesn’t have a mother in his fate. He asks her to get rude towards Param so that he hates her. Meher feels sad that Param won’t be with her.

She gets a shock when Sarabjeet signs the divorce papers. Param and her relation matters to her. She gets in a dilemma over breaking her marriage. Param falls sick suddenly. Sarabjeet has no problem with Meher, but he feels it will be difficult for him to handle Param alone after Meher’s leaving. He wants to protect Param from the sorrow. He wants their connection to not form again. He takes care of Param. Meher also feels protective for Param. She has got much love from Param always. Sarabjeet gets worried when he finds Param sick.

Param gets suffering from fever. He looks for the medicines. He gets panicking for his son. Sarabjeet finds Meher away. He fails to handle Param alone. He was afraid for this. Meher returns to them. She wants to care for Param. She feels that once she gets divorced, Param will be out of her life. She doesn’t want to put Param in sorrow and pain. Sarabjeet calls a doctor for Param. He finds Meher’s concern for Param. He reminds her that they will be soon separating. He doesn’t take her help. It gets difficult for Meher to leave Param.

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