Yeh Rishta 3000 Episodes Surprise from Kaira

Yeh Rishta 3000 Episodes Surprise from Kaira

Yeh Rishta 3000 Episodes Surprise from Kaira Kartik and Naira have a little argument. He reminds her about Teej, hoping that she keeps a fast for him. Naira has already kept the fast for him. She hides the truth from him. She doesn’t consume the sweets and passes it to Vansh. Vedika worries that maybe Naira is keeping the fast. She wants to find it somehow. Singhanias take care of Liza. They thank Liza for always supporting Naira and looking after little Kairav while they stayed in Goa. Naksh offers help to Liza. She is worried and wants to meet her boyfriend once. She wants her answers. Kartik and Vedika think of the same thing, whether Naira kept the Teej fast or not.

Kartik feels Naira can’t break his heart. He is sure that their love can never change. He tries to find out and gets spying on Naira. When he finds Naira holding food in her hand, he gets depressed, assuming she is having the food. She feeds the kids, which doesn’t get sighted by Kartik and Naira. While Vedika is happy that Naira didn’t keep the fast, Kartik is upset that Naira broke his hopes. He was wishing to see his old Naira back. He wanted to see her love once again. His heart breaks and he goes away. Naira saves Vedika from falling down the stairs when Vedika faints suddenly. Naira calls the family to look after Vedika.

Vedika gets the medical aid. She gains consciousness. Doctor suggests them to not let Vedika continue the fast since she is weak as of now. Dadi asks Vedika to end her fast. Vedika gets upset and apologizes to them. She didn’t wish to end her fast like this. Naira is happy that she is fasting for Kartik’s long life. She doesn’t want anyone else to know this. Kartik happens to see Naira again. He realizes that she had kept the fast for him. The confusion goes on. She denies keeping any fast for him. She vents anger on Kartik. He knows her well.

He reminds him that she is his ex-wife now. He wants his answers from her. She gets speechless when he compels her to answer. She attends the kids. Kartik loves Naira a lot and wants to know if she is fasting. He doesn’t care that Vedika discontinued the fast. He just wants to be with Naira. Dadi and Suwarna are aware of Kartik’s immense love for Naira. Dadi is worried that Vedika couldn’t complete her fast and maybe Vedika won’t be able to win Kartik’s love. She feels Kartik and Naira are inseparable and even Kairav is bringing them close now.

She doesn’t know why they are bearing this punishment. She feels Naira’s return is untimely, which spoiled many lives. She is happy that Naira is alive, but regrets that Vedika’s marriage is failing now. She wishes Naira came back to them before. She doesn’t know why is destiny playing with them. Suwarna feels her getting stressed. She asks Dadi to stay relaxed and not overthink about the future. Dadi leaves everything on fate. Kairav and Vansh check Akhilesh’s room for sound speakers. They get Akhilesh’s alternate phone.

They switch it on and get Liza’s call. Vansh doesn’t know about it. Liza hurriedly informs Naira that someone has switched on the phone. Naira wants to find out the person cheating Liza. She also tries to make a call but doesn’t learn anything. Later, Manish informs the family about winning a big land dispute card. The family wants to celebrate their success. Kartik is happy knowing Naira still loves him. Kartik and Naira’s Maha Milan will happen on Teej festive, also marking the completion of 3000 episodes of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. How excited are you to watch Kaira Milan?

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