Kundali Bhagya Karan Preeta Post Wedding Shocker

Kundali Bhagya Karan Preeta Post Wedding Shocker

Kundali Bhagya Karan Preeta Post Wedding Shocker Prithvi urges to marry Preeta Preeta and Karan gets completed finally with the sindoor rasam. Preeta doesn’t hate Karan and wishes that he was with her. Karan doesn’t think that she loves him. He hates Preeta because of the misunderstanding. They get emotional during the marriage. Preeta doesn’t know the shock awaiting her in the form of her groom’s revelation. Everyone congratulates the couple for their marriage. Prithvi is tied up by Karan. When he gains consciousness, he frees himself first and then tries to go out to the marriage mandap to stop Karan’s plans from succeeding. He finds the door locked. He attempts to stop Karan from marrying Preeta at any cost.

He isn’t aware that the marriage has finally happened. On the other side, Janki also gets conscious. She also frees herself from the ropes. She wants to rush to the mandap and stop Preeta’s marriage with Prithvi. She hears a door knock and thinks Karan is locked inside. When she sees Prithvi locked up, she gets glad that Preeta has married Karan. Prithvi tells her that he is sparing her life as she has helped him. She doesn’t want him to stop the marriage and bring any hurdles for Preeta. She takes revenge on him and bashes him up.

She gets strength to fight Prithvi. Sameer waits for the moment when Preeta and her family know about the groom. Sarla hugs and blesses Preeta for her marriage happening after crossing many obstacles. Karan and Preeta’s marriage gets blessed by one and all. Their pairing is praised for passing the love tests. Meanwhile, Prithvi wants to run to the mandap. He attacks Janki to run out. Shrishti gets a huge shock on finding Prithvi. She gets amazed thinking the way Karan has swapped the groom. She gets happy. Janki asks Shrishti to stop Prithvi. She gets the good news that Karan and Preeta’s marriage has happened already. Janki’s dream come true.

She happily dances with Shrishti and Sameer. Prithvi barges into Preeta’s life again. His entry shocks Preeta, Sarla and his parents. Preeta can’t believe that she didn’t marry Prithvi. Prithvi reveals Karan’s big fraud. He exposes Karan in front of them. Janki, Shrishti and Biji are happy that Preeta didn’t marry Prithvi, but a right person like Karan. Elsewhere, Rakhi sheds tears and awaits Mahesh’s recovery. Mahesh knows the complete truth about Prithvi. Prithvi’s mum scolds Karan for cheating them.

Prithvi tells them that Karan has married Preeta for exacting revenge. He tells Sarla that Karan has confessed his evil intentions. He promises to take care of Preeta and keep Karan away. He makes fake promises again. He refuses to accept Preeta’s marriage with Karan. He urges the family to support him so that they null the marriage happened by Karan’s fraud. Prithvi forces Preeta to marry him. He declares that Preeta was willingly marrying him and would not accept the marriage with Karan. Karan gets angered seeing Prithvi’s mad claims. He declares his love for Preeta, shocking one and all.

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