Star Plus High Peak Drama Top 2 Highlights

Star Plus High Peak Drama Top 2 Highlights

Star Plus High Peak Drama Top 2 Highlights Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Sonakshi and Rohit try to get saved from Mhatre and the goons. Sonakshi guides Rohan and Yash to save Rohit. They follow her instructions and get inside the goons’ shade. They find Rohit at gunpoint. Rohan stops the goons from killing Rohit, by getting Mhatre at fake gunpoint. He asks the goons to let Rohit and Sonakshi leave. Mhatre and his goons fight Rohan and Yash, while Sonakshi takes away Rohit with her. Rohan gets the help of police on time since Sonakshi called the police beforehand. The police chase the goons. They arrest Mhatre and Nikhil.

The goons try to capture Rohit and Sonakshi. The couple hides inside an ice truck. Rohit doesn’t realize his mistake. He tells Sonakshi that she is hurt and they can’t run further. They sit inside the truck and soon find that the truck is actually a cold storage van. He tries to stop the truck and get down. The truck driver doesn’t know about Rohit and Sonakshi hiding inside. He doesn’t listen to them and drives the truck out of the city.

Rohan is relieved that Mhatre is arrested. Yash asks him to inform Sonakshi and their families about Mhatre’s arrest. He hopes that Rohit and Sonakshi are hiding at a safe place. Sonakshi gets too hurt. Rohit shows his caring side, being a doctor. He helps Sonakshi and tells her that she shouldn’t assume herself as real-life Goddess. He questions her about risking her career and image for Pooja’s sake. Sonakshi didn’t wish to express her favor. She worries that he knows the truth. She tells Rohit that she has faced such humiliation like Pooja.

She wanted to save Pooja. He tells her that Pooja is an adopted child and even then the family loves her. She gets too emotional. He asks her not to take any mad step of sacrifice by getting extreme in love. She reminds him that his love for Raima was also extreme. He doesn’t want to talk about Raima. He is moving on in life with Sonakshi. Elsewhere, Raima shows signs of improvement. She will be soon coming out of coma and returning in his life. Sonakshi tells Rohit that they will always protect Pooja. Rohit is thankful to Sonakshi.

He feels she is really a great person. On the other hand, Suman is much worried for Sonakshi’s safety, since Rohit is accompanying her. She wants to know about her daughter. Police tries to find Rohit and Sonakshi. Rohit takes care of Sonakshi, until they get out of the truck.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna:
Kabir and Pooja are very much in love and have trust in their relation. They come closer when Rani fails to separate them. Kabir wants to convince his family for accepting Pooja. Pooja gets locked. Rani is angry that her plan failed. She wanted to spend time with Kabir. Kabir and Pooja get to spend quality time. The family finds Rani with Ranjit. Rani gets questioned. Rani lies to the family. She tells them that Kabir had sent Ranjit home to collect a file. Rani finds Kabir and Pooja locked in the study. She unlocks and just finds Kabir.

She doesn’t see Pooja, who is hiding. Kabir tells Pooja that the family left, she can come out now. Pooja doesn’t want to upset Suman. Jai asks Pooja to ask the family before deciding anything. Kabir tells Jai that he has permitted Pooja to make a donation to the orphanage. He defends his wife again. Suman is also angry that much money is donated. She doubts Pooja and tells Kabir that Pooja maybe cheating them for money. She thinks Pooja is fooling them. The orphanage man meets them and scolds them for sending papers in the bag, instead money.

He asks Pooja not to mock their poverty. Pooja becomes target of Rani’s evil plans again. The man blames Pooja for ruining their hopes. Pooja gets suspected by everyone. Suman reprimands Pooja for never changing herself. Pooja defends that she had sent the money to the orphanage. Kabir doesn’t know who is the culprit. Kabir tells Pooja that he will find the culprit and also recover the money. He tells that he will not let Rani play more games. He knows the family has lost trust on Pooja. He just wants to fix everything and clear Pooja’s name.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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