Yeh Rishta Melodious Celebrations New twist knocks

Yeh Rishta Melodious Celebrations New twist knocks

Yeh Rishta Melodious Celebrations New twist knocks Goenkas discuss their old legal case, in which the result came in their favor. They want to celebrate their success by throwing a party. The happiness doubles in Teej because of the success party. Manish expresses his wish to celebrate with the entire family and also invites Singhanias. Dadi is not less happy either. She wants the celebrations to be grand. She decks up the house with 3000 lamps. (Marking the 3000 episodes completed by the show. There is 3000 figure mentioned everywhere in the decorations and lighting, wherever possible to highlight the show’s huge success.)

Manish tells Suwarna that this Teej will be more memorable. Dadi wants Suwarna to call Naira in the celebrations as well. She feels like tolerating the situation just for Kairav. She expects Naira to adjust for Kairav’s sake. The family is very happy and misses Akhilesh who isn’t at home. Surekha gets negative thoughts about Akhilesh. Dadi asks her not to bother them with her nonsense talks and better pray for Akhilesh on Teej. Meanwhile, Suwarna takes the Teej Shagun for Naira. Naira feels Vedika has a right on this. She asks Suwarna to explain to her son that nothing can get fixed now. Suwarna asks Naira if she is able to explain her son about the situation.

They both are in a similar situation. They justify their deeds, just for their son’s happiness. Suwarna knows that Naira has kept the fast for Kartik since she still loves Kartik. She asks Naira to get ready and join the family, to become a part of the celebrations. The entire family gets dressed up nicely to celebrate their happiness. They sing, dance and celebrate happiness like the usual YRKKH way. Naira gets decked up like Kartik’s bride. She looks like a newly wedded bride and strikes Kartik by her beauty.

Kartik can’t help, but keeps staring at her. He gets stunned by her bridal look. Vedika gets disturbed watching their moment. The family dances on YRKKH’s special songs. The couples give beautiful performances. Kairav gets a cake to surprise the family. He makes his parents cut the cake and celebrate. He brings them together. He wants them to add more surprises. He gets stubborn and makes Kartik and Naira as well. Naira doesn’t want to dance with him. She feels uncomfortable in Vedika’s presence. The family joins Naira to break the odd moment. They soon learn that Naira has kept the fast for Kartik.

They don’t know the reason and feel bad. Kartik doesn’t know how to react knowing Naira kept the fast. He wanted to believe this. Kartik and Naira perform romantically in their dream. Vedika stays with Kartik to make Naira away. The smoke gets suffocating Naira. She runs to the terrace to get some fresh air. The moon gets sighted in the sky. Kartik finds Naira fainting because of her fast. He runs to her rescue in time and breaks her fast.

They both realize that their love is evident to each other. Vedika looks for Kartik. She gets upset about finding Kartik with his ex-wife. Naira denies having feelings for Kartik. Kartik wants to hear from Naira that she loves him so that he fights the world for her love. He is ready to resolve his marriage with Vedika, if Naira agrees to come back in his life. Kartik compels Naira to admit her feelings. Will Naira accept Kartik again for Kairav’s sake? Keep reading.

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