Rishtey Pyaar Kunal gives shocking ultimatum to Abir

Yeh Rishtey Pyaar Kunal faces ultimatum

Rishtey Pyaar Kunal gives shocking ultimatum to Abir Mishti plans a surprise for Abir. She wants to give happiness to Abir. She doesn’t tell anything to Abir. Kunal overhears their conversation and gets a misunderstanding. He feels Mishti is stopping Abir from talking to him, which is definitely not good. Abir tells Mishti that he loves Kunal a lot. Mishti wants Abir and Kunal’s issues to end. Meenakshi meets her husband once again to get the legal documents signed. She finds him missing. She learns that he left the hospital. She fears that he will try to meet Abir at the Ganpati pandal.

She wants to stop the unfortunate thing. Abir realizes that Mishti’s surprise plan failed. He finds her upset and wants to surprise her. Kunal apologizes to Kuhu for his rude behaviour, which was unintentional. He also asks her to not expect him to love her. Abir surprises Mishti by arranging the petal shower on Bappa and Mishti. Abir risks his life and falls in danger. Kunal loses his senses on seeing Abir in danger. He rushes and saves his brother, while Mishti and Kuhu wish Abir stays fine. Kunal blasts his anger on Mishti.

Kunal asks Mishti to leave from Abir’s life forever. Abir doesn’t want Mishti to leave. He wants Kunal to apologize for his anger. Kunal refuses to apologize. Kunal wants Abir to choose between Mishti and him. Abir doesn’t want Kunal to insult Mishti further. He takes a stand for Mishti’s respect, which spoils the terms between loving brothers. Kunal doesn’t want to forgive Mishti for distancing Abir from him. Mishti faces the worse when Abir’s dilemma intensifies. Abir can’t choose either of his brother and love. What will be Abir’s decision? Keep reading.

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