Star Plus Kahaan Hum Sufiyana more lined up

Kahaan Hum Star Plus Rohit Sonakshi big sacrifice

Star Plus Kahaan Hum Sufiyana more lined up Rohit gets worried for Sonakshi’s semi-conscious state. Rohit asks her not to faint, else she may sink and lose her life. Yash informs the family that Rohit and Sonakshi are safe and boarded some truck, as seen by Sonakshi’s little fan. Yash asks them not to worry for Sonakshi. Suman stays worried for Sonakshi. Suman learns that the media has come to ask them about Sonakshi. Sonakshi’s name gets cleared in Mhatre’s wife’s murder case. The family gets relief on seeing the news. The truck meets an accident. Rohit and Sonakshi fall out of the truck. Rohit looks for her and tries hard to get Sonakshi to senses.

He fails to get any help for Sonakshi. He is worried that her state is getting worse by the cold. The media fires questions on Sonakshi’s innocence and the reason for her dealing with Mhatre. Suman also conceals the matter about Pooja. Yash and Pooja clear Sonakshi’s name further and sing her praises since she has done a lot for them. Yash tells the media that Mhatre was blackmailing Sonakshi when she was saving Pooja’s dignity. Sippy’s regret to doubt Sonakshi, who has done a big thing for them. They are thankful to Suman and apologize for the bitterness.

Meanwhile, Rohit takes Sonakshi to some shade. He tries hard to get her to consciousness. When she falls sicker by cold, he realizes that he has to pass on body heat to revive her. Rohit takes the step to help Sonakshi. He tells Sonakshi that he can’t lose her, he can’t be alone once again. He struggles to help her in every way possible. When Sonakshi gains consciousness in the morning, Rohit plays a prank on Sonakshi about their romance. Sonakshi doesn’t believe him at first. She gets too worried. He laughs on her tension. He tells her how much worried he was for her life since she means a lot. Raima reacts on hearing Rohit’s name. She loves Rohit a lot and gains consciousness. Rohit and Sippys plan a surprise for Sonakshi.

Nimki Vidhayak:
Nimki’s family watches Mahua’s match. Nimki is also around. She stops Mahua and Tunne. Mahua gets surprised seeing her. Nimki gets rude towards Tunne. Mahua scolds Nimki for ruining her happiness. The sisters fight again. Mahua misunderstands Nimki. Nimki will be soon meeting Mintu Singh.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Saltanat recalls Zaroon when she tries hard to think of her past. Zaroon leaves Kainat and gets distant again. Kainat gets angry with him. Zaroon isn’t able to connect to Kainat’s heart, even when her face has changed. She fails to convince him of Saltanat’s identity. Saltanat asks Madhav about Zaroon. He knows that Kainat was going to marry Zaroon. He lies to her that he doesn’t know Zaroon. Nadim ends his annoyance with Zaroon. Zaroon takes Kainat to Saltanat’s favourite restaurant. Kainat likes his surprise. Madhav brings Saltanat to the same restaurant. Zaroon and Saltanat have a close hit and miss. Madhav gets to see Zaroon with Kainat.

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