Unexpected kidnapping twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Unexpected kidnapping twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Unexpected kidnapping twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Lovely gets locked inside the cupboard. Sikandar gets the key. He goes to unlock the cupboard. Lovely gets afraid that he can see her and send her back to jail. Matka opens the cupboard and sees her. She asks him not to tell anyone about her. She befriends him. Matka lies to Taai. He asks Lovely why is she hiding. She tells him that goons are after her and she is saving her life. He recalls the past since she has faced the same phase. He understands her situation and helps her. She asks him to not lock the cupboard.

He goes to get food and water for her. He gets the food for her. She feels the food is better than jail food. She lies to him. Kulfi and Amyra come back from school. They see Matka, who covers up Lovely’s truth. Kulfi doesn’t get to see Lovely inside. Meanwhile, Sikandar is happy and expresses his emotions. The restaurant owner praises his talents. He tells Sikandar about his lover, whom he misses a lot.

Lovely gets covered by a sack. Kulfi asks Matka about the food. Matka tells her that he has eaten the food. Lovely gets to see Amyra and gets happy. She thanks Matka. The kids prepare for the dance.

They want to add up fun in Ganesh Utsav. The kids decide to wear the same costumes. Lovely gets Amyra’s costume and damages it so that she can meet Amyra. Sikandar invites the restaurant owner in the Ganesh Utsav. He wants him to become part of the celebrations. Sikandar wants to be with his daughters. Amyra tells Kulfi that she has seen a ghost-like Lovely. Kulfi asks her to pray to Bappa and end her fears. Lovely overhears their conversation. Sikandar gets his friend to the chawl. The people realize that he is very rich. They wonder what is Sikandar doing with a don. Lovely tells Matka that she will leave from the chawl at night. He asks her to meet the chawl people.

She tells him that the goons are dangerous and can hurt the people. He assures to help her escape. Kulfi and Amyra greet the restaurant owner. Sikandar feels lucky. Kulfi performs the aarti. Lovely tries to leave. Himmat finds Lovely and asks her will she competes with kids in the dance performance. Lovely wants to answer him. She is assumed as an artist. She gets Ganpati’s costume. She thinks to secretly reach Amyra and take her away. Himmat asks Lovely to leave. She then lets Lovely surprise the kids. Lovely takes the Ganpati avatar. She plans Amyra’s kidnapping to take her away from Sikandar forever.


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