Yeh Rishta Kaira Love jitters and regrets

Yeh Rishta Kaira Love jitters and regrets

Yeh Rishta Kaira Love jitters and regrets Kartik makes Naira break her Teej fast. Before she leaves, he wants an answer from her that she was really fasting for his well-being. Naira doesn’t want to give him any false hopes. She feels they can never unite, knowing he is married to Vedika. She doesn’t regret for their life’s situation, since she doesn’t want to forgive him for doubting her. She feels she can never get back to Kartik. Kartik wants to know if she still loves him. He is very much hopeful that they can get back together once she forgives him and gets together with him to find a solution to their complicated life.

Kartik tells her that he is sure that she has kept a fast for him. She denies this and tells him that Vedika is his current wife and he should be celebrating Teej with her. She asks him to come out of his imaginary world and face the reality. He sees the truth in her eyes. He knows she is denying everything just for the purpose of their love. She tells him that she doesn’t care what he thinks and wishes. He doesn’t want her to get away without giving him the truthful answer. She tells him that she left him and also Teej. Vedika fails to reach them.

Suwarna spots them together and questions them, being afraid that they are going back on the wrong path. She feels strange seeing their love, as if they wish to get back together. Naira denies her wishes. She doesn’t want to answer anything. Kartik asks Suwarna to inform everyone that moon is out. The Goenkas head to the terrace to complete their Teej puja and fasts. Naira curses herself as she isn’t able to stay with Kartik. She feels she was longing for him and now their relation seems wrong in her eyes. She didn’t wish their relation to turn wrong. She cries on her fate.

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