Kundali Bhagya Today Preeta breaks her silence finally

Kundali Bhagya Today Preeta breaks her silence finally

Kundali Bhagya Today Preeta breaks her silence finally Preeta’s take on her marriage Shrishti outright supports Karan and Preeta’s love. Prithvi shouts out his denial, since he is part of the society. Karan tell them that he doesn’t care for the world and can fight anyone if Preeta supports him. Prithvi and his mum create a scene and call the marriage null. Sherlyn tells the family that Dadi is in tension because of Preeta. She tells Kareena that they have to save Dadi’s life. Kareena wants to tell with Preeta. Rishabh gets Dadi treated in time. He hopes she recovers. Karan gets Prithvi out of Preeta’s life. He warns Prithvi against making any blunder, that costs him a lot. Karan wants Preeta to declare her decision, if the marriage means to her.

He reminds her that he has married her according to the rituals, publicly in front of the society to validate it. He wants Preeta to validate it by remember the seven vows of marriage taken. Preeta is shaken up that she married Karan by deceive. She doesn’t know to answer him. Karan tries hard to convince her that he loves her. Sarla doesn’t know what to react, and believes in Karan’s love. Karan’s love speech goes on. Preeta’s family is happy on hearing his sweet love confession. They feel proud of him and easily forgive him for swapping the groom.

Karan tells Preeta that he loved her always and didn’t understand it before. Karan expects Preeta to reciprocate to his love. Prithvi applauds for Karan’s hearty speech. He scolds Karan for hitting filmi drama on them. They get into a big fight in the mandap, shocking Preeta. Biji accepts the marriage. Shrishti wants them to ask the groom and bride about their marriage. Sarla also accepts the marriage. This guides Preeta onto her next step. Prithvi brainwashes Preeta and tells her that the marriage happened by keeping her in darkness.

Sarla shows her belief on Karan, since she has always wished for such a guy for Preeta. Karan gets acceptance from Preeta’s family. Prithvi gets desperate to marry Preeta. He showers his wrath on them. They decide to ask the pandit if the marriage is valid. Biji asks Preeta to give her decision. Sarla wants to bless Karan and Preeta, who were destined to unite. Pandit also validates the marriage that happened by complete rituals. He tells them that Prithvi can’t marry Preeta now, since she is Karan’s wife now. Karan gets happiness. Sarla finds Preeta’s happiness in her eyes.

She feels Preeta wanted Karan as her groom and her dream has come true. She wants to accept the fate and doesn’t want to pose more hurdles in her happiness. Prithvi declares that he won’t accept the marriage. Sarla and Biji ask him to accept the reality and just leave. Sarla asks Karan to inform his family, so that they come to take their bahu home.

She plans to perform Preeta’s post marriage rituals. Sherlyn has no idea that Preeta is coming home. She gets troubled by the bad day. Dadi makes a wish to see Karan soon. Rishabh asks her not to worry. Dadi gets a feeling that something isn’t right. Rishabh calls Karan to inform about Dadi. Karan wants to provoke Prithvi so that Sarla doesn’t call Luthras. Karan insults Prithvi to create a new stir. Prithvi is sure that Luthras will not accept the marriage and support him this time. Sarla warns Prithvi against insulting Karan.

He begs her to understand his feelings, since he got cheated by Karan. He cries out his pain of losing his bride. He tells Preeta that he respects her and wanted to give a good life to her. He asks her to support him and agree for their marriage. Preeta breaks her silence on Prithvi’s instigation. She asks Prithvi not to worry for her, since her marriage has already happened with Karan. Prithvi fails to convince her. The family gets glad that Preeta has given her consent to Karan. Prithvi gets mad and threatens to forcibly marry Preeta.

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