Kumkum Bhagya Rhea realizes Ranbir’s true love

Kumkum Bhagya Tonight Ranbir shocking arrest

Kumkum Bhagya Rhea realizes Ranbir’s true love Prachi walks on the lonely roads. She falls in trouble when two men follow her. She tries to save herself and run away. Prachi gets angry on the eve-teasing. Ranbir looks for her. Prachi gets happy on seeing Ranbir, who handles the matter so well and gets rid of the goons. He tells the goons that the girl is he would-be wife. He laughs on Prachi knowing someone was teasing her. She gets angry on his lies that they are going to get married. He tells her that he will not lie again to save her. She tells that he should have fought them instead of lying. She asks him not to make excuses. He tells her that he could have fought easily, but he didn’t wish to.

He wants to know what kind of guys does she like. She asks him the reason for asking her likes. He promises to keep it a secret. She tells him that she doesn’t like guys who are flirt type, who tease others. She doesn’t like anyone who looks like Ranbir. He gets irritated hearing her. He scolds her for backbiting about him. She tells him that he is really bad, but he just has one goodness. She feels he doesn’t like violence. He lies that he doesn’t do boxing. He tells her that he believes in non-violence. She tells him that he is not too bad. Rhea calls Ranbir.

She feels lucky that he loves her knowing she is wrong. He tells her that he is getting irritated by Prachi. Rhea gets happy that he is obeying her. Prachi gets troubled by the goons once again. Ranbir asks Prachi to focus and beat the goons.

Prachi and Ranbir fight the goons. He beats the goons and makes her assume that she is beating them. He gets hit by Prachi most of the times. She gains confidence that she has beaten the goons. He finally takes her to the car. Prachi takes care of him. She does aid to his wounds.

He tells her that he will be thankful to her mum. Ranbir goes to drop Prachi. They end up arguing again. He leaves his good manners to argue with her. She lectures him to teach him manners. Ranbir gets falling for Prachi. He likes her unseen side. He tells Prachi that rains will make her sick. He asks her not to invite troubles. She asks him not to spoil her fun.


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