Muskaan Ronak badly trapped in Maalik’s web

Muskaan Ronak badly trapped in Maalik's web

Muskaan Ronak badly trapped in Maalik’s web Inder compels Muskaan for the dance. She doesn’t dance with him and his friends. He gets happy that the clock is ticking fast. He tells Muskaan that they will be celebrating their pre-wedding night. He feels lucky. Kuldeep wishes him all the best. Muskaan refuses to go with Inder. Amma compels Muskaan to go with Inder. Maalik doesn’t react, watching the scenario. Meanwhile, Hukum and his men get entertained by the female dancers. Hukum gets a huge shock when he finds his goons instead the dancers. He asks the goons how did they get in this disguise.

Ronak and Hanumant have dressed up the goons as the dancers to trick Hukum. Ronak makes a plan to expose the fake Maharaj ji to stop Muskaan and Inder’s wedding night. Hukum thinks Maalik is behind this. Muskaan warns Inder against touching her. Inder tells her that they will be soon marrying. Muskaan attacks Inder and throws him out of the room. The family gets worried for Inder. Amma rushes to help Inder. Maharaj changes his word. He tells them that Inder can’t marry Muskaan, he will be staying as bachelor forever. Inder can’t believe this.

Maharaj gets threatened by Ronak, who had made a video of Maharaj romancing the dancers. Maharaj is compelled by Ronak to end Muskaan’s problems. Maharaj asks Inder to come with him for living a Satvik life. Amma and Maalik get scared of Maharaj’s bad prediction. They send Inder with Maharaj. Ronak wins in the situation because of his smartness. Ronak tells Maalik that marriage got cancelled. Maalik tells Ronak that they will keep the dance program at the godown as he has promised the village men. Ronak and Muskaan share a conversation and get happy. Muskaan misses Ronak. Inder returns home, which shocks Ronak.

Amma hugs Inder and cries. Amma asks Inder how did he come back. Inder reveals that Maharaj was a fraud man and he had run away. He begs Maalik to get him married to Muskaan. Ronak asks Inder to get fine first and then marry Muskaan. Maalik wants the marriage to happen soon. Ronak feels he is getting caught up in the mess. Inder gets a shocking call. Ronak wants to find his secret to stop the marriage. Muskaan gets trapped for another time. She requests Maalik to stop her marriage with Inder. Maalik tells her that he can’t help her now. Muskaan is forced to marry Inder. How will Ronak save her? Keep reading.


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