Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman huge plan to backfire

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman huge plan to backfire

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman huge plan to backfire Raman fails to recollect Arijit, who has tortured him so much. He tells Ishita that he isn’t able to recall anything. He undergoes a stress headache. He tells them that he is also eager to find his enemy, so that he can make a smart move and protect his family. He is failing to do so because of his partial amnesia. Ishita asks him not to put pressure on his mind and just let it go. She wants him to stay fine in the first place. Meanwhile, Arijit is worried that Yug was reaching Natasha’s truth, which would fail his plans. He awaits Natasha to blast his anger. When he meets Natasha and her brother, he informs them about Yug following them to the hospital to meet the doctor and know the truth of her fake treatment.

She tells him that its not possible, since she has given wrong information in the documents. Arijit tells them that he was meeting a relative at the hospital and got to see Yug. He lies that his aide has informed him about Yug. He tells how he struggles to mislead the doctor and make Yug away. He asks them not to underestimate Bhallas.

He tells them that Bhalla family is really smart and can catch any lie. They get grateful to Arijit for smartly saving their truth. Natasha assures that she will prove Shardul’s identity. Arijit wants to trouble Raman. He counts on Natasha. Later, Yug informs the family about doctor’s weird behavior. He feels someone has alerted the doctor as well. Karan hatches a plan to meet the doctor and learn about Natasha. Ishita fools Natasha telling that Raman isn’t well. Natasha expresses her fake concern for Raman. Raman and Ishita make a new plan.

He pretends as Shardul and bonds with Natasha. She gets tricked that he is really Shardul. Raman tells Ishita that he will lie to Natasha that he is Shardul and duping the family for money. Natasha happily informs Arijit that Raman is really Shardul. She wants to get her husband back. Raman wants Ishita to save him from dangerous Natasha. He feels odd to fake romance Natasha. He wants to convince Natasha by his partial amnesia story so that she reveals his enemy’s name. Karan fails to meet the doctor even when he goes as a patient.

He tells Yug that someone is hindering them from meeting the doctor purposely. Yug tells him that they are being watched. Karan gets raging that all their plans are failing. He wants to find some way to get Natasha’s truth out. Raman feels nervous to meet Natasha at her place. He wants to make Ishita’s plan a success. Ishita encourages him and makes him remember the story by which he will be fooling Natasha. Raman tells Ishita that he is well-prepared to lie to Natasha, but he is scared of her closeness. He gets best wishes and goes to meet Natasha.

When Natasha makes him out of her house, Raman thinks Natasha won’t fall in his trap. Natasha texts him to meet her in the evening. She looks forward to meet him on a date. Raman feels once he convinces Natasha, he will know about his secret enemy. Natasha plans to unlock the diamond safe using Raman’s face.

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