Kasautii Upcoming Hidden Secrets; Anurag shoots back

Kasautii Upcoming Hidden Secrets; Anurag shoots back

Kasautii Upcoming Hidden Secrets; Anurag shoots back Maasi holds a big secret about Mr. Bajaj. She is well aware of the reason for Mr. Bajaj’s hatred towards Basu family. She knows why he wanted revenge on them. She realizes that Mr. Bajaj had come to ruin the Basu family, but took his steps back when he met Prerna and married her. She tells Tanvi that she doesn’t think that he is developing feelings for Prerna, since the marriage was never his prime goal. She feels the marriage became intentional just for his daughter’s improvement sake. She asks Tanvi to keep trying to woo Mr. Bajaj, while keeping Anurag as a backup.

She wants Tanvi to befriend Anurag so that Prerna grows more jealous and admits her feelings for Anurag, breaking Mr. Bajaj’s dreams. Maasi tells her that Mr. Bajaj would never believe Prerna once she is proved disloyal. Tanvi wants to know Mr. Bajaj’s past related to Basus. She asks Maasi to complete her word and share the past bitterness. Maasi doesn’t reveal that Mr. Bajaj and Basus are one family, separated by destiny. She doesn’t think its time that Tanvi knows this truth. She is also scared of Mr. Bajaj, who won’t spare her if she brings this truth out.

Meanwhile, Tanvi tries using her charm on Mr. Bajaj. He makes her distant and reminds her that she isn’t invited. She tries to brainwash him against Anurag and Prerna. He doesn’t like to hear anything against Prerna. He gets angry on Tanvi. He wonders what’s wrong with him that he is defending Prerna, knowing she is being with Anurag by her willingness. He feels Prerna is doing wrong, but is helpless to allow her. He gets on verge to realize his changing concern and feelings for Prerna. He wants to focus on his business and family, than falling for Prerna.

He fights his feelings to deny. Prerna wants to be with Anurag all the time. Anupam asks her to take rest until Anurag gets conscious. Prerna agrees to make a leave, when Anupam assures that he will stay with Anurag. Anupam apologizes to her for scolding her. She forgives him and doesn’t have any anger on him. He likes Prerna’s values. He knows that Anurag respects her. She tells him that she is happy with the marriage since she has got something really important. She doesn’t mention that she got Anurag’s life and happiness in return of the marriage. Mr. Bajaj gets helpless when Prerna’s thoughts ruin his sleep. He wants to talk to her.

Prerna wishes Anurag to recover soon. Maasi and Tanvi make a plan to break Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Anurag gets conscious in the morning. He recalls the accident committed by Mr. Bajaj. He testifies to get Mr. Bajaj arrested for attempting to murder him. He doesn’t want to spare Mr. Bajaj. Anurag gets back in form to shoot at Mr. Bajaj. He wants to expose Mr. Bajaj’s real truth to Prerna. Soon, Mr. Bajaj’s past link with Basus will be revealed.

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