Rishtey Pyaar Mehul entry to create chaos

Rishtey Pyaar Mehul entry to create chaos

Rishtey Pyaar Mehul entry to create chaos in Rajvansh family lined Meenakshi is worried that her husband is coming to Rajkot. She calls Mehul to stop her from coming. Mehul doesn’t listen to her. She tells her family that Mehul is doing a drama and not listening at all. She knows that Mehul will claim his children again. Kaushal tells her that they can’t file any legal case or constraints on Mehul from now as they have been doing all these years to keep Mehul away from Abir. Meenakshi is also scared to lose Kunal. She loves both her sons dearly and always wants them to be united. Nanu respects Meenakshi for her decision since she has accepted Mehul’s illegitimate child Kunal along with her Sautan Parul.

He knows she has a heart of gold, but she is kind only towards to those she loves. Nanu tells her that Abir and Kunal will always be with her, and no one can separate them. He believes in Meenakshi’s values. Meenakshi is scared of Mehul. She wishes that Abir returns home soon. Abir and Mishti fly off from Mumbai. Mishti shares a love note with him. On the other hand, Kunal misses Abir badly. He doesn’t know why is Abir not calling him up. He wishes Abir to get in contact with him so that they can sort their differences.

He wants to hear Abir saying that Abir has chosen him, not Mishti. Parul tries to share Kunal’s sorrow, but in vain. Kunal reprimands her for crossing limits and trying to claim rights on him. Parul weeps when he gets rude towards her. She wants to know why Kunal is so upset. Meenakshi reveals to her that Kunal is angry over his marriage with Kunal. She tells Parul that Kunal didn’t wish to marry Kuhu. She asks Parul why did she force him for marriage when he didn’t wish to get related to Mishti and Maheshwaris.

She accuses Parul for ruining Kunal’s happiness. She asks Parul to judge herself as a mother. She tells Parul that Kunal is sinking in sorrow just because of her wrong decision. Meenakshi is angry on Parul for not thinking of Kunal ever. She understands Kunal’s pain to be in a loveless marriage. Kuhu gets to meet Varsha and Jasmeet. Mishti returns home and gets to witness Vishwamber and Rajshri’s sweet moments. She wishes to have such a life like them. She wants to tell them about Abir. She wants their blessings, so that Abir and she stay happy forever.

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