Sanjivani Brutal attack on Sid; Ishani in shock

Sanjivani Brutal attack on Sid; Ishani in shock

Sanjivani Brutal attack on Sid; Ishani in shock Ishani wants to apologize to Sid. She wants to settle scores with Rishabh, who had put the posters to defame her in the hospital. Asha tells her that she can’t take any chance with her career. She wants to be Ishani’s friend, but not a fool to invite troubles. She tells Ishani that Rishabh is going to give her good cases. Ishani gets helpless, but doesn’t want to spare Rishabh. Asha gives tips to Ishani. She asks Ishani to give a rose to Sid and apologize to Sid. She tells Ishani that this rose will melt Sid’s heart. Aman informs Sid that Ishani is coming to apologize to him. Sid wants her to out efforts.

He doesn’t listen to her and teases her. Ishani keeps saying sorry and then shouts aloud to stop him. Sid asks Ishani not to make more mistakes like before. He tells her that she should believe him and not react without knowing the facts. He praises Ishani’s talents. He asks him to trust herself. Ishani also sings his praises, that he is the best doctor. She gets shy to gift him the rose. She vents anger on Rishabh. She leaves him with a warning. Rishabh threatens to ruin Asha and Ishani’s career. He goes on insulting Ishani. Ishani doesn’t care for his words.

She is sure that her work will speak for her. She tells him that she won’t spare him next time. Rishabh gets terrified when she threatens him. Rishabh argues with his dad, who works as a helper in the hospital. Sid celebrates Ganpati Utsav with his family and locality people. He invites his friends there, who like the closely knit people. Ishani feels Sid is lucky to get such long family. She gets emotional when she meets Sid’s mum, who showers love on her. Ishani misses her mum. She apologizes to Sid’s mum.

Sid, Ishani and friends enjoy in the pandal, where they get attacked by some local goons. Sid faces a brutal attack and is left with multiple injuries, when he attempts to save Ishani’s respect from the bad guys. Ishani gets a big shock on seeing Sid’s wounded state. She seeks help from the locality people to save Sid. Ishani and friends rush Sid to Sanjivani, since they can never lose a talented doctor like Sid. Ishani cries for Sid and realizes his friendship in the tough hour.

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