YRKKH Upcoming today Goenkas witness the unthinkable

YRKKH Upcoming today Goenkas witness the unthinkable

YRKKH Upcoming today Goenkas witness the unimaginable Vedika finds Kartik and Naira too similar in almost everything. She gets angry with the thought that they are really soulmates. She doesn’t want to give her place to Naira. She tries to perform aarti with Kartik, but in vain. Suwarna sorts Kartik’s issue and makes him perform the aarti with kids, rather than choosing one between Naira and Vedika. Kartik and Goenkas celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with Naira. Suwarna tells the kids that everyone will get a chance to perform the puja. Akhilesh fails to handle the stress.

He gets away from the family for a while, unaware that Lisa is also around. Lisa wants to talk to Naira so that she can head back to Goa. She doesn’t think there is any closure left to her love story. Akhilesh stays in his guilt. Kartik doesn’t think that his guilt will help him in any way. He wishes that Akhilesh gets courage to accept and rectify his mistakes. Lisa informs Naira through a message that she is outside the house and wants to meet her. Kairav and Vansh read Lisa’s message and run to get her home. Kairav likes Lisa’s company. He wants her to attend the puja and get blessings.

Lisa avoids him, but he compels her to come home. Lisa breaks down when she faces Surekha. She didn’t know that Akhilesh is a family man. She didn’t ever wish to become a marriage breaker. She hates herself for spoiling someone’s life. She isn’t at fault as Akhilesh deceived her by a fake identity. Kartik and Naira get speechless when Lisa cries and hugs Surekha. They don’t want the matter to come out at the time. Goenkas are thankful to Lisa for always helping Naira and Kairav. They want to help Lisa knowing she is in some big problem.

They try to ask Lisa what is bothering her, if they could solve the problem. Lisa gets sighted by Akhilesh, who assumes that Lisa has told their affair truth to his family. He shatters with the thought that she has exposed his truth. He worriedly goes to them and blurts out the complete truth himself. He tells them that he never had any affair with Lisa, she is cleanly lying to defame him. He blurts out everything in an attempt to save himself. The family gets stunned when they learn Akhilesh’s crime to cheat a young girl.

Manish tells Akhilesh that Lisa didn’t utter a word, but its Akhilesh’s guilt that brought the truth out. Dadi beats him Akhilesh to reprimand him for his cheap deeds. She scolds him for ruining Surekha’s life. She asks Akhilesh how could he cheat his family and their values. Akhilesh exposes himself because of his fear. Surekha wants to divorce Akhilesh to punish him for his cheat. Surekha and Akhilesh’s divorce twist will be next. Later, Vedika spots Kartik and Naira dancing because of Kairav. Kairav wants his parents to be together. This angers and shocks Vedika, who couldn’t take it anymore.

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