Choti Sardarni Bahu Begum Spoilers Colors

Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet

Choti Sardarni Bahu Begum Spoilers Colors Sarabjeet is trying his best to keep Meher and Param well. Once Param recovers from his illness, Sarabjeet makes the divorce papers ready. He hands over the papers to Meher and reminds her that they have spoken about it before. He asks her to just sign the papers and leave. Meher sinks in sorrow since she loves Param a lot. Meher wants to spends time with Param. She feels attached to him. Sarabjeet restrains her. Sarabjeet wants Param to hide about his birthday. Param wants to celebrate his birthday with Meher.

He tells his big plans to Sarabjeet. He tells that he will play games and enjoy a lot on his birthday. He asks Sarabjeet what dishes will be Meher preparing for Param. He tells Sarabjeet that he will invite his friends and introduces his mum. Sarabjeet hugs Param. He gets sad knowing Meher has become so important in Param’s life. He wants to break Meher and Param’s bond, unaware that their bond is already strong. He plans to hide the birthday preparations from Meher, so that Param doesn’t expect anything from her again.

He wants Meher to just leave from their lives. He thinks if Meher doesn’t celebrate the birthday, Param will realize that he doesn’t matter to Meher. He wants Param’s heart to break so that Param doesn’t depend on Meher, who is leaving from their lives after the divorce. Harleen doesn’t know the cropping problems between Meher and Sarabjeet. She takes Param to Meher to show the gift they bought. Sarabjeet stops Param again and makes stories to pacify the little boy.

Bahu Begum:

Azaan has big plans for Shayra’s birthday, but Noor is determined to ruin Azaan and Shayra’s togetherness. She challenges Shayra that she will snatch Azaan from her. Shayra believes in Azaan’s love. Azaan insults Noor every now and then, just because Noor is targeting Sharya again. He doesn’t want Shayra to fall weak. He encourages Shayra. Noor tells him that she will get her rights if she wins the challenge. She wants her rights from him. Azaan tells her that she will surely get her rights. He throws her into the pool and teaches her a lesson. He proves that Shayra and his bond is unbreakable.


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