Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers Coming Twists Zee TV

Ishq SubhanAllah Shocking bad news stops Zara's wedding

Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers Coming Twists Zee TV Kabeer wins the cooking competition. He gets against his dad. The people protest against Kabeer and Zara’s friendship. They call their relation illegitimate. Shahbaz is also against Zara. He feels Zara is ruining Kabeer’s life and influencing him wrongly, since Kabeer is getting away from family and his principles. Kabeer and Shahbaz get into a heated argument. Kabeer expects his father to understand him. Shahbaz gives an answer to the people. His relation with Zara is pure.

He wants to explain that Zaras’s friendship has shown him a new path of life towards success. He doesn’t want Shahbaz to always tag Zara wrong. He tells Shahbaz that he can’t judge Zara by listening to others. He argues with Shahbaz. He regrets for hurting his dad. He apologizes to Shahbaz and explains that Zara and he (Kabeer) know their limits. He tells that Zara is completely opposite of him and they can never be together as a couple. He tells Shahbaz that Zara is a mature individual and can never commit anything wrong.

He assures that Zara and he will never take any wrong step that leaves the family ashamed. Kabeer finds it too difficult to explain the angry crowd. Shahbaz withdraws support from Kabeer’s side. He wants Kabeer to deal with his problems himself, if he is inviting the problems himself because of Zara’s friendship. Keep reading for Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers.

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