Sanjivani Stunning moment of Shashank Juhi

Sanjivani Huge revelation of Shashank's truth lined

Sanjivani Stunning moment Shashank and Juhi have a confrontation. Juhi wonders how could Shashank love her. She can’t believe the truth blurted out by Anjali. She realizes that he really loves her, when Shashank doesn’t answer her. Juhi wants to know why did he cheat her by lying about professional decisions. She tells him that she has always been cursing herself since he fired her from Sanjivani. She tells that she was always feeling guilty of her mistakes, but didn’t know that the reason was personal. She reprimands him and threatens to take legal action against him. She doesn’t listen to his explanation. He wants to clarify once, that it was Rahul’s decision. He wants to tell her that he had fired her on Rahul’s insistence. She angrily walks away from him.

Shashank and Juhi attend a patient, who is the wife of Shashank’s friend. Shashank meets his friend and assures to cure Nandini. Juhi gets upset on hearing Shashank. She gets a chance to taunt him. She feels Shashank has hidden the matter and broken her within. She doesn’t want to leave Sanjivani, since she has signed a contract. She tells Sanjivani that she would have never left Sanjivani if he didn’t fire her from her job. She holds her frustration since her perception regarding Shashank begins to change.

Juhi asks Shashank to get the pre-surgery tests done so that he can be claimed fit for performing surgery. She checks his vitals. She realizes his love for the first time and also slips into a moment. Juhi wants to avoid Shashank’s clarification. Meanwhile, Sid and Ishani enjoy in the Ganpati puja. She experiences great emotions for the first time when she meets Sid’s mum. She misses her mum. Sid knows Ishani’s feelings. He makes her that she stays happy. He cheers her up. Ishani bonds with Sid’s mum. Her behavior surprises Sid. She gets emotional. Sid gets her for the dance. Ishani is happy being with Sid’s sweet family. Sid and Ishani dance together with their friends.

Sid and Ishani spend time together. Sid pampers her like a VIP. Ishani gets emotional. Sid doesn’t want her to shed tears in emotional state. He cares for her a lot. He asks her to enjoy the dance view. Ishani finds her friend Asha in trouble. She wants to fight the drunken men and save Asha. Ishani and friends try to protect Asha. They get caught up by the misbehaving men, who target Ishani next. Sid learns about Ishani’s humiliation. He bashes the evil men. They attack Sid and leave him injured.

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