Spoilers Alert Shakti Sufiyana and more lined

Shakti Leap Kundali Bhagya Quick Reminders

Spoilers Alert Shakti Sufiyana and more lined Sonakshi meets Rohit at his hospital. Rohit recalls his memories of Raima. He misses her. Raima and his cute moments are seen in the flashback scene. Sonakshi finds Rohit list. Sonakshi fights him in the same way as Raima. Rohit starts smiling and convinces her the same way. Raima recovers from coma. She learns from her mum that Rohit was constantly trying to get in touch with her. She wants to meet Rohit, since she still loves him. Rohit now loves Sonakshi.

Muskaan and Ronak meet Hukum by Maalik’s help. Muskaan asks Hukum to punish her, instead Deepa. She asks Hukum to spare Deepa’s life. Muskaan learns about the punishment, where the girl’s face is blackened by village men. Ronak gets a huge shock, while Maalik also wants to save Muskaan from this humiliation in Hukum’s village.


Soumya and Preeto get worried for Heer. Harak Singh tells Preeto that Vedant is free from the police, he has returned to ruin them. He wants to kill Vedant, who snatched their Harman. Preeto also tells that she would kill Vedant if she gets a chance. Harak argues with Soumya and curses her for bringing ill fate for Harman and Singh family. Heer returns home with her brothers. Soumya is worried that Vedant may attempt to kidnap her again. She decides to protect Heer.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Kainat doesn’t want Zaroon to leave her. She gets angered that Zaroon is now focussing on Krish. She asks him for how long will he ignore her. Krish tells Saltanat that Zaroon is special to him, he is good-hearted like her. Kainat gets angry and speaks ill about Krish. Zaroon asks her to mind her tongue. She asks him to plan a family if he wants a child. She calms down and tries to trick him again. Madhav finds Saltanat and Krish getting attached. He wants to get her memory back so that he can punish her. Kainat meets the man who gets Saltanat’s details.

Nadim finds her awake at night. He asks her to go and sleep. Kainat gets Madhav’s address. She takes a disguise and realizes that Saltanat has lost her memory. She is afraid that Madhav is helping Saltanat recall her memory. She thinks once Saltanat gets her memory, she will return to Zaroon. She doesn’t want this to happen. Saltanat recalls Kainat for a while and then forgets. Kainat is afraid that Saltanat will pose problems for her.


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