YRKKH Upcoming Naira ousted from Kartik’s life

YRKKH Upcoming Naira ousted from Kartik's life

YRKKH Upcoming Naira ousted from Kartik’s life Kartik wants to inform Naira about Kairav’s reports. He tells her that Kairav’s final reports have come. Naira doesn’t listen to him at first. She prays for Kairav that the reports come positive. They rush to check the reports. Surekha loses her mental peace recalling Akhilesh’s cheat. She shares her pain with Suwarna. Samarth and Gayu tell Suwarna that this matter is too bad and they can’t explain this to the children. They are afraid that Akhilesh and Surekha’s relation is over now. Naira reminisces the past moments when she steps in her room.

Kartik and Naira check the reports, which come much positive. Kartik and Naira’s nok-jhok is seen after a long time. They get happy seeing the positive reports. They realize that Kairav is absolutely fine post surgery. They are too happy and express their feelings by dance. They hug to congratulate each other. Vedika finds them talking to Kairav’s doctor. She learns Kairav has recovered. She gets happy that Naira will be leaving from their lives. She wants to start a new life with Kartik. She thinks her problems are going to end. Kartik and Naira share their happiness.

They want to celebrate the good news. Naira is reluctant to share the news, since the family is crying because of Akhilesh. Kartik tells Naira that Surekha would be most happy to know the good news. He wants to throw a grand party for Kairav. Naira feels Surekha may sink in depression when others move on with happiness. Kartik doesn’t think so. He runs to share the good news with the family. Vedika learns that Naira isn’t leaving. Vedika openly fights Naira and commands her to leave from Kartik’s life. Naira explains her that its not easy, since Kairav is connected with Goenkas.

Vedika feels Naira is taking advantage of Kairav’s relation and trying to get back in Kartik’s life. Vedika and Naira have a big fight for Kartik. Their face off turns ugly. Naira knows that Kartik and Goenkas are important for Kairav. She can’t leave Kairav alone with Goenkas. She can’t go away. Vedika is troubled because of Naira and Kairav. She sees Naira and Kartik coming closer. She asks Naira to understand her situation, since her patience is breaking. She asks Naira to go to Singhania house. What will Naira do now? Keep reading.

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