Kulfi Kumar Amyra kidnapping twist leaves Sikandar tense

Kulfi Kumar Amyra kidnapping twist leaves Sikandar tense

Kulfi Kumar Amyra kidnapping twist leaves Sikandar tense Amyra reaches the chawl. She gets a huge shock. Lovely gets third degree torture by the police. She sees Amyra there. The police officials think Lovely has lost her mind. Lovely behaves mad. Sikandar is worried that the people have forgotten his talent. He wants them to recognize his talent once again. Raju encourages him. Sikandar doesn’t want Amyra to know this. Amyra tells him that she has a surprise for her. Kulfi waits for Amyra and Sikandar. Jimmy finds Kulfi at the Jagrata competition. He insults Kulfi and asks her to just leave, since the place is not meant for Sikandar and her.

He tells her that her place is on the roads. He asks her to get out. Kulfi faces much humiliation. She doesn’t want Sikandar to face this. Nihalo meets Lovely. She tells Lovely that she will take revenge on her, since Lovely has pushed her down the truck and escaped alone. She threatens Lovely. Lovely doesn’t listen to her. She just sees Amyra and talks to her. Jailer thinks Lovely is getting mad. She thinks to shift Lovely to the asylum. Amyra takes Sikandar to the Jagrata competition. She sees Jimmy scolding Kulfi.

She tells Sikandar that surprise got cancelled. She takes him home. Jimmy tells Kulfi that he has ruined Sikandar, who can never perform in any competition or music show now. He asks Kulfi to remember her right place. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she had gone to find work. She lies about Jimmy. She sheds tears. She breaks down. Amyra learns that Jimmy was there and the plan is failed now. Kulfi and Amyra communicate by writing notes. They decide to take a disguise and go in the competition. The chawl people get food for Kulfi. They feed her with love. Kulfi tells Amyra that she will not lie to anyone. She asks Amyra about her plan.

Amyra gets kidnapped by someone. Lovely gets informed by Tony that he has kidnapped Amyra. She asks Tony to take Amyra to another country and change her life for good. She tells him that she is faking madness to get out of the jail. She wants to communicate with Tony once she reaches the asylum. Nihalo spies on her. Lovely sees her and acts to talk to Amyra. Nihalo thinks Lovely has gone mad. Kulfi and Sikandar look for Amyra. They don’t find her anywhere.

Sikandar gets Tony’s call. Tony tells Sikandar that he has Amyra with him and he will be taking her away forever. He asks Sikandar not to try finding her, since he has failed to give a good life to Amyra. He reprimands Sikandar. Kulfi asks Sikandar about Amyra. He lies to her and wonders what to do to get Amyra back safely.


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