Tellyreviews Spoiler Alert 19th September 2019

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Tellyreviews Spoiler Alert Patiala Babes Hanuman and Babita get married. Minnie gets emotional watching the marriage. She conducts Babita’s Bidaai. She cries and feels Babita is going away from her. She starts thinking if this marriage will make Babita and her away. She is happy that Babita is entering life’s new phase. She regrets that she has spoiled Babita’s mood on the big day. Minnie wants Babita to always trust her. She doesn’t want any misunderstanding to drift them apart. Hanuman and Babita don’t enjoy their marriage because of Khatri’s plan. They stay upset after seeing Babita’s first wedding video. Minnie asks him to live the moment and not think much. Minnie wants to give them space and not interfere in their lives.

Nimki Vidhayak:
Mintu and Dadi visit the same hospital as Nimki. Dadi argues with Nimki. Nimki asks her to stay in peace and let other rest. Dadi calls her mad and asks her to get treated. Mintu comes to Dadi, and gets spotted by Nimki. Nimki realizes that he is Mintu Singh, on hearing his conversation with Dadi. Nimki wants to avoid him and slips in the past memories. She recalls Babbu’s tortures and gets sorrowful.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:
Raima revives Rohit’s memories in her mind and heart. She was in love with Rohit. She still loves Rohit. She remembers his promise that he will never move on in life unless she permits him to. Rohit also remembers his promise to Raima. He wants to meet Raima once and fulfill his promise. He wants her permission so that he can move on with Sonakshi. Sonakshi visits the hospital. Raima sees her and reacts. She knows Sonakshi.

Raima’s mum asks Sonakshi to meet Raima and help her recover. Rohit learns that Sonakshi has gone to a hospital. He meets her there. Sonakshi avoids him. Rohit takes Sonakshi with him and confesses his feelings to Sonakshi. Raima is in the same ward. She hears Rohit’s love confession and reacts. She breaks out of coma. She speaks to her mother. Rohit doesn’t know that Raima is in the same hospital. Raima is back in Rohit’s life. Rohit wants Sonakshi to reply to his love proposal. Raima will reveal a big secret connection with Sonakshi.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Kainat meets Madhav and Saltanat as the matchmaker. She tests Saltanat’s memory. Saltanat tells Madhav to make changes in the house. She tells him that change is constant always. He doesn’t want to make any change on her orders. Saltanat feels she knows Kainat when she shakes hands with her. She recalls Kainat in the memory flashes. Saltanat reacts weirdly, which makes Madhav suspect Kainat.


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