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Tellyreviews Colors Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum Azaan and Shayra celebrate the latter’s birthday even after Noor conspiracy against her. Noor comes home and confronts Azaan asking him if it was all his plan to send her to orphanage function. Azaan says it was all your plan to push Shayra in the cement and go to the function on her place and then blaming me. He says Shayra was about to go there, but you didn’t let her go and you went there. He says I am feeling sleepy and goes to sleep. Noor comes to Shayra’s room angrily and says something will happen which you haven’t thought about. She sees Shayra sleeping in her room peacefully and swears to ruin her life.

Shakti: A mysterious man is following Heer, Soham and Rohan. Preeto is taking the kids home from school when Vedant comes there wearing burqa and lifts Heer. Rohan asks him to leave his sister. Vedant tries to run with Heer. Preeto asks him to leave Heer, but he pushes her and runs away. Preeto faints. The man following the kids chases Vedant and beats him. He pulls out burqa from his body. Rohan is shocked to see Vedant out of jail. The man saves Heer from Vedant. His mystery will slowly reveal.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhaari: Alka returns home and gets upset hearing Sarla saying it was good for her to return. Sarla apologizes to Alka and says she didn’t tell anything to Gudiya about her and says she was mistaken. She tells Alka that she didn’t regard her as a worthless coin. She says neither you or Pappu are worthless and says we have just one worthless coin at home. Gudiya hears her and comes to Jia. She tells her whatever Sarla has said. Jia thinks Sarla referred her as the worthless coin and says sleep today peacefully, I will change your life.


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