Yeh Rishta High Upcoming Drama Today Star Plus

Yeh Rishta High Upcoming Drama Today Star Plus

Yeh Rishta High Upcoming Drama Today Star Plus Naira pleads to Kartik to let her take Kairav with her. When he refuses, she gets more worried. He hides the matter from Kairav. He doesn’t want Kairav to get upset. Kairav tells them that he will become Ganpati again to cheer them up. He asks them not to be upset. Kairav tells them that he wants them to happy and smiling. Kartik and Naira end their argument in front of Kairav and appear happy. Naira goes with a heavy burden on her heart. She feels she is doing injustice with Kartik, who doesn’t want to part ways with his son. Daid prays for the happiness of her family. Kartik gets sinking in sorrow. He gets adamant that Kairav won’t go anywhere.

He plays with the kids, while Naira interrupts to tell Kartik that they should be in the same team for Kairav’s sake. She explains him that they can’t win if they are in the opposite teams. Naira tells Kartik that Kairav should be happy and he wants his parents to win together. Kartik doesn’t listen to her. He doesn’t want to lose Kairav. Meanwhile, Suwarna tries hard to explain Kartik that Naira’s decision isn’t wrong. She asks him not to take any decision impulsively, which may break Naira and Vedika’s heart as well.

She tells that he didn’t think of Vedika before getting Naira home, since Kairav was sick, no one bothered about the situation, even Vedika showed understanding, but now that Kairav is fine, its time for Naira to leave. She asks him to think of Naira, who is finding it tough to stay with Goenkas, when Vedika is here. She asks him to let Naira and Kairav go, and focus on his life with Vedika. She asks him to think of his family. He thinks of his son, who came into his life after a long time. He tells her that he can’t live without his son.

He tells Suwarna that he can never let Kairav go away. He wants to leave the house as soon if Kairav has to go. She explains him that they can’t snatch Kairav from Naira. He tells her that people don’t understand father’s love, as they do understand mother’s love for a child. He tells Suwarna that he can do everything for Kairav, just like Naira does. She fails to convince him. He gets adamant that he won’t let Kairav go. Vansh and Kairav spend some time together. Dadi gets emotional watching them. She makes a video to keep his memory. Manish also wants Kairav to stay back. Suwarna asks him not to complicate the situation further. Naira gets hurt by the situation. She feels tired of running from the fate. She shares her sorrow with Suwarna.

She doesn’t know how to tell Kairav that they have to leave Goenka house. She tries to tell Kairav that they are going to meet Singhania family. She tells that Kartik won’t be coming with him. He refuses to accompany her. He tells her that Singhanias can come and meet them at Goenka house. He doesn’t want to leave Kartik. He gets angry and stubborn. He vents anger and declares that he won’t listen to her this time.

Vedika gets upset seeing Naira’s struggles in convincing Kairav. Vedika feels sorry to compel them to leave. Kairav refuses to go out. Kartik explains Kairav that Naira isn’t wrong, he should better go for some days. He lies to Kairav to explain him. Naira realizes that Kartik agreed with her. She gets surprised when Kartik convinces Kairav. Kartik tells Kairav that he will get him home whenever he wants. He wants Kairav to apologize to Naira and be a good boy. Naira thanks Kartik for convincing Kairav, which she failed to do. Kartik and Naira’s bonding happens again, which angers Vedika. Kartik just wants his son back. Vedika is afraid that her marriage will break.

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