Ishq SubhanAllah Bahu Begum Ishaaron Mein Top 5

Ishq SubhanAllah Bahu Begum Ishaaron Mein Top 5

Ishq SubhanAllah Bahu Begum Ishaaron Mein Top 5 Azaan slaps Noor knowing she has fallen too low and tried to kill Shayra. Noor’s truth comes out. Razia too slaps Noor, who apologizes for her crime. Azaan asks Shayra how can she try to take a life. Shayra feels disgusting. The masked man tells Azaan that Noor has hired him to kill Shayra. Noor didn’t wish to kill Shayra. She just wanted to scare her. It was Surayya’s plan to get Shayra killed. Razia gets Noor arrested for the crime. Noor leaves the house. Azaan hugs Shayra. He consoles his wife. He promises to always stay with her and protect her. Shayra is happy to get him. She doesn’t know that Asgar and Surayya are also their enemies. Surayya wants Shayra out of the house.

Choti Sardarni:

There is a big twist in the celebrations. Dolly gets Sarabjeet and Meher’s divorce papers. She gets a huge shock. Param gets the papers by mistake. He tells Dolly that he got the papers fallen there. Dolly can’t believe this. Kulwant gets a bigger shock. Sarabjeet and Meher get speechless to answer the family. The divorce plea will bring more twists and turns.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Madhav confesses to hate Saltanat. She complains to him that he has made her life hell, when he claims to love her. She blames him for ruining his life. She doesn’t feel any love. She wants to know his secret. He angrily blurts out the truth that he wants revenge on her, since he hates her. She gets a huge shock on finding his revenge motives. She wants to regain her memory and get all her answers themselves.

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein:

Yogi enjoys in his bachelors’ party. He asks Pari to take the responsibility of the party. Pari throws a surprise party. He misses Gunjan a lot. He gets drunk. Pari asks him about the marriage vows and rounds. Yogi holds her hand to take the vows. He takes the rounds with her. Bablu asks him not to complete seven rounds, else it will be a big problem. Yogi just thinks of Gunjan. He loves Gunjan a lot. He waits for his marriage day. Yogi’s dad finds Yogi awake and asks what’s happening on the terrace. Yogi asks his friends to hide the better. Yogi pretends to be normal, not drunk.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara and Zain’s marriage gets fixed. Zara’s parents think Zain is the perfect guy for Zara. Zara doesn’t want to agree. She gets compelled to agree for the sake of the family. Salma wants Zara to stay happy. Kabeer learns the news of Zara’s marriage. He knows that he can’t return in her life. He wants to get away from her life forever. Zain enjoys his haldi ceremony. Zara hits for the haldi rituals. Salma applies her haldi. Zara gets worried when she gets an unexpected call. She tries to leave the haldi ceremony. Zain asks her the problem, so that he can help her. Kabeer calls Zara for help. He shares his worries with her. He wants to meet her once.


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