Patiala Babes Sardarni Nimki YRKKH and more Spoilers

Patiala Babes Sardarni Nimki YRKKH and more Spoilers

Patiala Babes Sardarni Nimki Vidhayak Spoilers Babita and Hanuman start a new life together. Babita packs the tiffin for Minnie. She hugs Minnie and sends her for college. Hanuman is happy the way his life is shaping up post Babita and his relation. Babita and Hanuman spend time together. They have a moment of romance. Minnie feels embarrassed breaking their awkward romance moment.


Sabrina takes a dancer’s disguise to enter Alia’s baby shower ceremony. She plans to attack Alia. Alia has her strength, Aditya with her. Sabrina is their biggest enemy. She wants to harm Alia’s child. Aditya suspects on the dancer. He tries to see her face. Sabrina doesn’t let him lift her veil. She cunningly hides herself. Aditya spies on her. He doubts that she is Sabrina.

Choti Sardarni:

Sarabjeet makes a plan to trap Meher. He is trying to distance Meher from Param. He doesn’t want Meher to attend Param’s birthday. Meher takes a big step against him. Meher adds medicine to upset Sarabjeet’s stomach. Meher doesn’t listen to Sarabjeet. She makes Sarabjeet away from the party. He wanted Param to miss Meher in the birthday. Meher enjoys Param’s birthday. She sings the song and dances with the kids, while Sarabjeet rushes to the washroom.

Nimki Vidhayak:

Mintu’s Dadi praises him while she is trying to fix his alliance. She asks them to ask anything about Mintu. Mintu’s friends also sing his praises that he is very helpful. They tell about Mintu helping Ashish and Radhika elope for marriage. Dadi tells the guests that Mintu is very much simple and isn’t after any girl. Just then, Mintu enters the house, carrying Nimki in an unconscious state. Dadi is shocked. She dislikes Nimki. Mintu tells Dadi that he got Nimki home to save her from Mishra. The guests think Nimki is his wife.

They call off the alliance talks and go away. Dadi gets infuriated. Monu informs Tunne that Nimki is missing. Vimla tells about Mishra’s attack on Nimki. Mahua tells Tunne that they should go and find Nimki. Nimki gets conscious and finds Mintu around. She gets tensed. Dadi asks Mintu to send Nimki home. Nimki suspects Mintu. She asks Mintu if he got married before. Nimki asks about his parents. Dadi conceals the truth. Ganga Devi misses her son and cries.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira have an emotional moment. Naira recalls that Kartik has said the truth and had been counting each day since she left from his life. She can’t believe seeing the room walls with lines drawn. She feels Kartik has faced a tough time to pass the sorrowful time. She has been facing the same sorrow. She feels Kartik had always loved her and really repented for questioning her character. Kartik doesn’t want Naira to take away Kairav forever. Naira promises to keep Kartik and Kairav connected.


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