Sanjivani 2 Star Plus Muskaan Highlights

Sanjivani 2 Star Plus Muskaan Highlights

Sanjivani 2 Star Plus Muskaan Highlights Ishani has fallen in love with Sid. She starts realizing her love. She tries to diagnose if she is happy being with Sid. She gets too happy. She wants to be with Sid all the time. She takes the nursing duty just to be with Sid. She wants Sid to recover soon. She gets blushing when she talks to Sid. He also finds her confused and asks her what’s happening with her. She is lost in his thoughts. He is surprised that she is letting him touch her hand. He asks her if she isn’t reacting like a germophobic now.

He tells her that he is liking the new Ishani. She wants him to depend on her. She tells Sid that she can happily listen to his irritating talks, which aren’t irritating now. She tries to talk to him and know what she means to him. She thinks Sid is special to her. She just agrees to Sid. He thinks why is she agreeing to him all the while. He teases her and asks for a hug like before. She happily hugs him. Sid gets delighted that she has accepted him as a friend. He regards her a good friend. He thinks his friendship with Ishani is becoming strong.

Rishabh interrupts their moment and comments on their romance in the hospital. Rishabh asks Ishani to resume her work than just being with Sid. He tells that Sid isn’t able to check his patients and now they have to see all the cases. He asks Ishani to assist him. Sid tells her that Rishabh is mean, but a good doctor. He wants Rishabh to treat his patients nicely. Rishabh doesn’t want Sid and Ishani to romance more. He sends Ishita for the new case. Sid and Rishabh insult each other, when they get talking about their fathers. Rishabh insults Sid for not knowing his father until now. Sid pities him for not valuing his father, who is always close to him. He feels Rishabh is a bad son.

Muskaan: Muskaan falls into the well. Ronak runs to save her. Maalik asks Ronak not to save Muskaan. Ronak doesn’t listen to Maalik. Ronak fights the bad men. He saves Muskaan and stops himself from hugging her in front of Maalik. Chamki and Deepa take care of Muskaan. Ronak asks them to go home. He teaches a lesson to the wrestlers. Maalik takes Ronak with him. He angrily tortures Ronak to know the truth. Muskaan gets worried for Ronak. Amma stops her from interfering. Bua and Bunty come to Devinand village to find Ronak.

Muskaan bites Amma’s hand and rushes to save Ronak. Inder also fails to stop Muskaan. Maalik asks Ronak who is he that he helps Muskaan always. Ronak lies to him. Hukum meets Bua and Bunty to know about Ronak. Bunty stops Bua from telling about Ronak’s identity, knowing Hukum is a goon. Muskaan begs Maalik to spare Ronak, who did this to save her. Maalik doesn’t like cheaters. Chamki gets a huge shock when she gets Ronak and Muskaan’s picture. She hides it from Kuldeep. Kuldeep promises to save her and asks her to not support Maalik. Muskaan tells Maalik that she didn’t cheat him.

Maalik asks her why did she give him false hopes and signalled that she likes him. Muskaan denies to give him any such signal. Ronak clears Maalik’s misunderstanding. Muskaan tells Maalik that she didn’t send any note for him. Maalik spares Ronak’s life. Chamki shows the picture to Muskaan. Ronak finds the picture and gets it from Chamki. He tells that if Maalik had seen the picture, he would have killed them. Muskaan cries for Ronak’s wounds. Ronak doesn’t want to lose. She feels scared of Maalik. Maalik asks Muskaan to go and study in village school. He gives a chance to Ronak to save Muskaan again. He sends Muskaan in new trap.


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