Kulfi Sikandar come across a stunning find


Kulfi Sikandar come across a stunning find Sikandar tries to reach Amyra. He shouts to Tony to return Amyra to him. He sits crying when he gets injured. He turns depressed. He returns home and meets Kulfi. She asks him the cause of his injury. He lies that he fell down and got hurt. She hugs him. She asks him where did Amyra go. He tells her that Amyra went with Tony to look after him. She asks him not to lie, since she has seen Tony with Jimmy. He is worried and wants her to take him to the registration office. They rush there and ask for Tony. The watchman tells them that Tony has left the place. Sikandar wonders how did he go so soon.

Kulfi tells Sikandar that she has seen that sign on Tony and Jimmy’s hand. Sikandar recalls that he had also seen this. He tries to analyze. He realizes that someone is planning against him. He drops Kulfi home. He tells her that he will find Amyra. She tells him that she won’t let him go alone. He asks her to just let him go and come back soon. He hugs to pacify her. She tells the chawl kids that Amyra is in danger, they have to find out soon. They try to find Amyra. They reach the godown to find Amyra. Kulfi suspects that Amyra is close.

She asks the people about Amyra. She wants to get some answers. She gets information about Amyra. Sikandar reaches the pub and takes a disguise. He wants to find Tony. Sikandar catches a goon and asks him if he kidnapped Amyra. He wants to know about Amyra. The goon refuses to reveal any details. Sikandar drags him to the police station. He tells inspector that he caught up Amyra’s kidnapper. Inspector assures Sikandar that he will find out the truth after interrogating the kidnapper. Kulfi finds information about Amyra smartly by her own ways. She realizes the culprit’s identity who kidnapped Amyra. Sikandar wants to know if the kidnapper named anyone. He gets too stunned when the kidnapper gives a shocking statement.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. Kulfi is the most watched In South Africa it a hot favourite. I would rate this show 100% the writer of the story did a remarkable job… Well done

  2. I love Kulfi so much, I wish Sikandar’s eyes could open up against all odds; finds that Kulfi is his biological daughter. Kulfi is so sweet and deserves real love, joy and peace. She has cried a lot. She has been turned into a young adult due to problems that she went through, It’s enough now.

  3. I really love Kulfi so much, she is a well cultured little girl that thinks far beyond her age mates when it comes to life problems. Her loving kindness is so deeper and stronger, she doesn’t deserve any pain any further. Enough is enough.


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