Ye Hai Mohabbatein Danger looms around Yug

Ye Hai Mohabbatein Danger looms around Yug

Ye Hai Mohabbatein Danger looms around Yug Sunil is worried that the problem is getting bigger since police is interrogating the case. He doesn’t want to get caught. Natasha questions Arijit about sending the police. She thinks he did this to hype the drama. He tells her that Bhallas are smart enough to call the police for their help. He just sent the media to defame Bhallas. He tells Natasha that Mansi will become Bhallas’ enemy since she has seen Bhallas calling the police to save Yug. He tells that this will make her sure that Yug is the culprit. He is happy with the way the drama is going on against Bhallas. Natasha tells him that she wants her Shardul.

She wants to hurry up with her plans. Karan apologizes to Aaliya. Yug wants her to forgive Karan. He also understands Karan. Karan tells Aaliya that since he met Bhallas, he wants to walk on the path of truth. He didn’t wish to lie for Yug. He tells her that he is ready to lie if she wants. Aaliya understands that he isn’t wrong. She also apologizes to him. Ruhi feels proud of Karan. She regrets to misunderstand him.

Karan gets happy when Bhallas understand him well. Raman tells them that they should rush and meet the lawyer at the police station. He tells them that the forensics report is coming. They wish that Yug is proved innocent. Arijit instigates Mansi against Bhallas further. He asks her to rush to the police station before Bhallas, who may change the reports. Mansi wants justice.

Moreover, Mansi meets Bhallas at the police station. She vents anger on Bhallas and police. She gets to know about the reports, which states that Yug isn’t the murderer. She wonders how did this happen. She blames Bhallas for changing the reports to save Yug. Raman wants her to understand the truth.

Lawyer asks her to find the real culprit. Ishita also wants to find the truth. She feels Mansi has a right to get justice. Yug returns home with the good news that he is a free bird again. The family is happy for him. Meanwhile, Arijit learns that Yug is proved innocent. He provokes Mansi to kill Yug or anyone from Bhalla family to make them repent for murdering her husband. He tells her that she should not spare the murderer. He offers her support. The Bhallas plan Yug and Aaliya’s honeymoon. Yug wants to focus on work. Aaliya wants a holiday trip.

Natasha intervenes in the family again and angers them. She wants Shardul with him. Raman threatens to kill her if she angers him further. Natasha learns about Bhallas’ developments so that she can inform Arijit. Arijit asks Mansi to shoot Yug and kill him to take her revenge. He learns that Yug is going away. He asks Mansi to take the step soon. Ishita fears that Yug is falling in danger. She takes Karan’s help to save Yug’s life.

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