Kahaan Hum Accusation Time for Sonakshi

Kahaan Hum Accusation Time for Sonakshi

Kahaan Hum Accusation Time for Sonakshi Good twists in the show with Suman accepting Rohit and Sonakshi’s relationship. On the other hand, Raima gains full consciousness. She breaks out of the coma. She enquires about Rohit. She wants to know where is he and with whom. She has seen him with Sonakshi and also heard his love confession. She is worried that he is moving on. Rohit proposes Sonakshi. She is too happy to be in love. Rohit is also enjoying his new love. They cherish their memories. Netra gets to know about Rohit and Sonakshi. She congratulates Sonakshi. Raima’s mum calls up Sonakshi to thank her for all the help.

Sonakshi wants to help Raima further. She asks her to get Raima admitted in Sippy hospital, where Rohit will be checking her recovery and treatment. She suggests her to get Raima treated by Rohit. Raima’s mum gets a huge shock on knowing Sonakshi and Rohit’s connection. She wants to avoid Rohit. She doesn’t want to take any help from Sonakshi too. She asks the doctors not to call Sonakshi again.

She recalls the past where Rohit took the high risk and operated Raima, only to leave her in coma state. She hates Rohit for making Raima’s life worse. Rohit plans to meet Sonakshi again. Sippy family decides to celebrate Sonakshi’s family for dinner, on the occasion of Veena’s birthday. They haven’t celebrated her birthday since four years. They decide to celebrate it this year with Sonakshi’s family. They want to keep it a private get together. Rohit tells Veena that he would invite Sonakshi’s mother personally.

Sonakshi doesn’t expect Rohit. She gets glad to meet him. Rohit tells Sonakshi that he wanted to be with her. They spend some good time. He reveals his past to her. He tells Sonakshi that he wanted to tell his family about Raima on the night when she met the accident. He couldn’t save Raima from slipping in coma. He didn’t intend to put her at risk. He explains how critical the case was, even then he had performed his best in the surgery to save her life. Sonakshi understands his feelings.

He tells her that he has moved on with her now and doesn’t want to recall the past. Sonakshi wants to tell him about her past, but he refuses to listen to her. He gets romancing Sonakshi. She tells him that she will soon tell Suman about them. He invites her family for a dinner. Sonakshi wants to surprise Veena on her birthday. Sonakshi is tensed to find Suman in a bad mood because of Pari.

Suman understands that Sonakshi loves Rohit and wants to marry her. She knows Sonakshi’s heart well. Sonakshi praises Rohit to tell about her feelings. Suman expresses her happiness over Sonakshi and Rohit’s relationship. She asks Sonakshi to continue her work after marriage. Sonakshi gets glad that Suman approved her relationship. She hugs Suman and is much grateful to her. Suman likes Rohit, who is a gem at heart. She feels he is the best match for Sonakshi. Sonakshi calls up Rohit to give the good news. She changes her mind and pulls a prank on him. She asks him to meet Suman and try to impress her. She fools him by suggesting weird things.

He is ready to do anything to win her love. He tells her that he will impress Suman for sure. Sonakshi finds him too innocent to believe her so easily. Sonakshi and Rohit will unite, while Raima tries to get back in his life. Raima hugs her mum and seeks her permission to meet Rohit. She rushes to Sippy mansion to meet Rohit and reveal that Sonakshi is the reason for her accident. Raima will be accusing Sonakshi. The complete mystery of Sonakshi and Raima’s connection will be unveiled.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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