Kulfi Kumar Latest Sikandar faces the unexpected

Kulfi Kumar Latest Sikandar faces the unexpected

Kulfi Kumar Latest Sikandar faces the unexpected Kulfi and her friends try to find Amyra at the godown mentioned by the shopkeeper. They don’t find Amyra there. Inspector tells Sikandar that the man is mute, he isn’t able to talk. Sikandar tells them that he had heard the guy talking, he is just lying. The inspector asks him to leave since he can’t investigate the matter in this direction. He makes Sikandar leave. Sikandar is distressed. Kulfi and the kids try to find out the man who took Amyra away. When they see the man, they get terrified and hide from him. They try to run away when the man runs to catch them. They trouble him so much, that he gets mad after him.

The kids get the keys from him and run away. The man fails to catch them. Kulfi wants to know where is Amyra. She goes back to the chawl. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he was waiting for her. He scolds her for going away and risking life. He is worried that he will lose Kulfi as well. Kulfi tells him that she had seen the kidnapper and followed him to find Amyra. He tells her that he is Amyra’s dad and much sensible to find her. He asks Kulfi not to act like a matured adult. He doesn’t want her to invite problems for himself. He scolds her.

He goes to make tea. He gets lost in sorrow and burns his tea. Kulfi gets worried for him. The chawl kids get food for them. The kids want Sikandar to stay fine. Sikandar gets troubled by Amyra’s memories. He thanks Kulfi and the kids for help. He asks Kulfi to have food and sleep. Kulfi finds him upset and tries to cheer him up. Elsewhere, Lovely pretends to be mentally unstable. The jailer decides to shift her to the mental asylum. Lovely’s plans get succeeding. Sikandar asks Kulfi not to go out anywhere. He goes to the jail to meet Lovely.

Kulfi tells the kids that she wants to know about the keys. The kids ask her how will she go when her dad stopped her. Sikandar wants to meet Lovely and comes across Nihalo. The jailer asks him to take a date for meeting the prisoner and come later. Nihalo tells Sikandar that Lovely has troubled her a lot. He wonders how Nihalo knows about it. He learns that Lovely is mentally ill and is sent to the asylum. He can’t believe this. He wants to rush to asylum and meet Lovely. Kulfi makes the duplicate key to find Amyra.

Sikandar gets the locker keys and tries to find clues to reach Amyra. Sikandar faces the unexpected and realizes that Lovely is planning something against him. He knows she will try to snatch Amyra. Both Sikandar and Kulfi have the same aim, that’s to find Amyra before it gets too late. Lovely has a motive to fly abroad with Amyra. She wants her daughter back before Sikandar reaches her. Who will succeed to reach Amyra first? Keep reading.

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