Sanjivani Ishani love striking moment next

Sanjivani Ishani love striking moment next

Sanjivani Ishani love striking moment next Ishani finally realizes that she loves Sid. It so happens that she takes much time in coming face to face with her real feelings. Ishani doesn’t accept this at first when Asha tells her that all her symptoms are of love. She congratulates Ishani and asks her to confirm this from her side also. She tells Ishani that they will be very happy if this is true, it won’t be better than this that Sid and Ishani make a couple. Ishani tells Asha that love is just a myth and its actually hormonal disorders in the body that makes a person feel such. She argues with Asha and denies to fall in love. She tells Asha that she knows about her illness.

She wants to diagnose it further and prove it to her friends. She mentions her symptoms. Asha asks her to accept her feelings soon else she will be troubled. Ishani questions herself. She sees Sid partying with friends. She can’t help, but get happy seeing him. Sid meets her and gifts her a lovely watch. He tells her that time passes well when person is with loved ones. She questions her feelings once again. She wants to be with Sid.

She gets more falling for him. She thinks how can her symptoms be of love. She tests herself again. She gets attracted to Sid. He demands her to explain her weird behavior. He wants to know how did she change so much post his accident. Sid asks her to make a wish to get the person whom she loves the most. He helps her realize her love. She makes a wish and gets to see Sid’s face, since her heart longs for Sid. Ishani gets happy realizing that its really love, not any dangerous illness. She wants to confess love to Sid.

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