Sufiyana Shocking Zaroon to kill Saltanat

Sufiyana Shocking Zaroon to kill Saltanat

Sufiyana Shocking Zaroon to kill Saltanat Madhav deletes the footage from record room. Zaroon finds the footage missing. He wonders how did Kainat come home. He gets revengeful against Kainat. He wants to kill her. Kainat wants him to kill his love Saltanat. Krish tells Saltanat that Madhav has sent a special band for her. Madhav wants to track her location. He intentionally gifts the band to her. She wants to know about her past. She takes help from Jugal. Krish finds the wanted picture of Saltanat. He doesn’t want her to go anywhere.

Zaroon tells Kainat that he has given the newspaper ad and they will soon find Kainat now. Kainat is worried that her truth may also come out. The police arrives at Madhav’s house to find Saltanat. Krish takes Saltanat to the market. He wants to save her. Madhav tracks her and reaches the market to get her. She asks him about the wanted ad. She wants to know the truth. Later, Jugal wants Madhav to forgive him and release him from the tough punishment. Krish tells Madhav that Saltanat has left the house again. He wants him to get Kashish back.

Saltanat wants Madhav to tell her the complete truth. When he revealed that she had killed Sakshi years ago, she refused to believe this. She can never harm anyone. She feels she will get all her answers at Shah Manzil. She goes to her home to meet her family and know the truth. Madhav gets worried knowing she is uniting with her family. He doesn’t want to lose Kainat. He rushes after her to stop her from meeting Zaroon again.

On the other hand, Zaroon gets determined to find Kainat and punish her by the law for killing his mother Ghazala. Zaroon doesn’t want to spare her. Kainat is also worried that Saltanat may regain her memories and expose her for once and all. She doesn’t want to see that ill fate. She takes precautionary measures to stop Saltanat from entering the house.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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  1. Sufiyana was good till Miyajaan was alive but now with each passing day it’s going from bad to worse. It quite unrealistic that kainat always has her way. Everything goes as per her plan & no one catches her. It has become more gory than savdhan India!

  2. Yes I agree .Sufiyana was all.about Sufism and the Dharbar a loving and peaceful part of the islamic religion .I used to watch it with my family regulary .Then from there the obsession started with Kainaat not getting what she wants .. totally understood it .Alsio can i point out Helly has been dynamic throughout her preformance so i am talking about the scrpt hete ..The obsession for Kainaat character then turned into self harm then came in murder not one not two but up to 4 all done by one girl who needed a mental institute ..Then the storyline got from bad to worse .Both Saltunant and Zaroon got marriade had there Nikkah done a bond between husband and wife but the writers then decided that swaag raath should involve the sister in law..This is where it got worse..No faith allows a sister in law and a brother in law to share a bed do not in any faith marry one sister and live with the other ..Then came in abuse, one women being constantly abused by not only her sister , but by the Sharma family and also now by het husband Zaroon who sometimes feels het presence but sometimes he doesn’t…I stopped watching it when disrespecfully Mia jaan was murderd then Ghazala brutally making it all look normal ..Now they are really portraying abuse , and making killing sound normal ..even crime petrol has an end ..I have been seeing clips on how Zaroon will stab Sultanant who is the most kindest humble talented beautiful humen being..But the makers are advertising this like it’s a promo of a red carpet film ..disgusting! ..So what we are showing here is that it’s normal to kill , sleep with your brother in law, and abuse some one like a punching bag who has lost her memory above all bury people alive ..I have friends who are Sufi’s and myself beleave in Dharbar Sharif ..Please tell me where my beautiful faith allows this ..Tell me where Sufiyana love in this is at all ..I have stopped my children from watching it ..Zaroon was a great role model from abroad standing up for what was right he has become so helpless in revenge so more killing coming up.. Instead the murders herself is walking around and what do the makers of the show do ..give het a new face , new wardrobe and make het look even more superior.. ..Shame really what had began to be a beautiful.yet different story on screen with promomindly a huge Muslim.followers other faiths to has yet again become murder , revenge and adultery.. I’m sorry to say but if it goes off air me and friends will be happy or lets fix up and get all this out in the open and maybe start a fresh storyline less gruesome !


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