Zee Hits Surprising Two Spoilers for the day

Zee5 Moh Highlights Shruti's emotional journey

Zee Hits Surprising Two Spoilers for the day Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani gets touched seeing Malhar taking a stand for her. She assures to help him find the clues about the saree. She seeks Asawari’s permission and goes to Swara’s room to get the receipt. She wakes up Swara and asks her to give 26th July receipt. Swara gets a panic attack, pushes her saying nobody knows about 26th July and runs out. Everyone searches her in the house. Just then Anupriya shouts calling Kalyani.

Kalyani rushes to Anupriya’s room and finds her unconscious and injured. She sees her wrist slit and bleeding and calls Malhar. He checks Anupriya and sends Kalyani to bring first aid box. Kalyani comes to her room and gets the first aid box. Swara is sitting behind the bed and tries to call Kalyani, but faints. Later, Malhar finds Swara unconscious in his room and taking Kalyani’s name in an unconscious state. Everyone assumes Kalyani responsible for Swara’s condition.

Raja Beta: Purva scares Rahul, Sanju and Ramesh as the ghost, with the help of Vedant and Pankhudi. Ramesh gets doubtful seeing the ghost’s pallu catching fire.

He decides to finish off Rahul before he confesses his crime to save themselves and plans Jhanki on the last day of Navratri. He asks Pankhudi and Rahul to play the roles of Mata Rani and Mahisasur respectively. He shares his plan with Sanju and tells that Rahul’s clothes are having poisonous nails, which will kill him instantly once he wore the clothes. Vedant decides to save Rahul from Ramesh’s conspiracy as he wants him to confess the crime and gets punished by the law. They come to Rahul in disguise, reveals to him about Ramesh’s plan.

Rahul asks who are they? Vedant and Purva reveal themselves and alert him about Ramesh’s plan. He tells Rahul that he wants him to be punished, but don’t want him to die. Rahul is shocked and can’t believe Ramesh can do this.

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