Kulfi Mysterious entry to trouble Sikandar

Kulfi Mysterious entry to trouble Sikandar

Kulfi Mysterious entry to trouble Sikandar Sikandar learns about Lovely’s mental imbalance. He wonders how did this happen. He is worried knowing its some plan of Lovely. He sees the keys of the locker and thinks he can find some solution there. He goes to find Amyra, just like Kulfi and chawl kids. Kulfi gets the duplicate keys and recalls the locker number. Sikandar reaches the lockers and tries to open the specific locker. He thinks of the locker number. He opens a locker and gets Amyra’s pictures. He is worried thinking who has placed the pictures there. In no time, he gets kidnapped.

Sikandar faints down when he gets attacked. Kulfi and the kids reach there. They don’t see Sikandar. Kulfi thinks where is Sikandar. She gets restless when her dad falls into trouble. Sikandar wants to know who are the goons and what’s their motives. He knows that Tony and Jimmy are behind this. Goon tells Sikandar that their boss is someone else, who is more rich than those two mentioned. He asks Sikandar to obey them if he wants Amyra safe. Sikandar agrees to do anything to get Amyra back. Kulfi gets worried.

She hears a boy singing rap. She doubts that Amyra has made that rap song. She asks the boy about it. The boy helps her. She gets the song written by Amyra. She goes home. The goons leave Sikandar when he agrees to do their work. He thinks the goons want him to do something wrong and trapping him. Kulfi meets him and wonders what is he murmuring. She tells the kids that her dad is stressed. She sings Amyra’s rap again and again. She realizes Amyra’s hidden hint. She tells the kids that there is some address in the song lyrics.

The kids try to reach Amyra. Sikandar doesn’t want to get kidnapped. Jimmy and Tony watch Sikandar’s kidnapping video. They are trapping him badly. Tony wants Sikandar finished. Jimmy tells him that they are close to victory, Sikandar will land behind bars soon. Tony wants to know about Amyra. Jimmy tells him that he didn’t kidnap Amyra. He tells about the other person taking revenge on Sikandar. Tony gets worried. He wonders who is the mysterious person. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she is also worried for him, she wants to get Amyra back.

Sikandar goes to meet Lovely at the asylum. Lovely does a drama that she has gone mad. Sikandar is aware that she is with Tony and Jimmy, and planned Amyra’s kidnapping. He asks her to tell about Amyra. She has no idea about it. She wants to confront Tony about Amyra. Tony doesn’t tell her anything. Lovely wants to find Amyra. Sikandar and Kulfi are hell bent to find Amyra.

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  1. Love this show ..My favourite kulfi Kumar Bsjewala..really looking forward to the new timings as we have dinner as a family at that time and what better to watch then KKBW..Love the new storyline and looking forward to the leap but in the meantime enjoying this show ..London Fan x


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