Yeh Rishta Latest Twists Marriage and Negative Shockers

Yeh Rishta Latest Twists Marriage and Negative Shockers

Yeh Rishta Latest Twists Marriage and Negative Shockers Kartik and Naira’s remarriage twist will be next one in the show. They have got married twice until now. They marry in a traditional way for the first time. The Christian wedding on their honeymoon brings Kaira’s together back. The lovers get separated when Kartik blames Naira for Shubham’s death. They unite once again after a short leap. They feel they will be together for the lifetime when they marry again. Kartik and Naira lived separated for long. Naira then faced a memory loss twist. The blood clot in her brain started affected her memory. Naira feared that she will forget Kartik. Kartik didn’t leave Naira alone. He married Naira in the hospital itself. He married her for the third time.

Still, their relation didn’t turn much strong by the multiple marriages, since Kartik does a huge mistake of doubting her character. The trust which should have been stronger with time, falls short because of Mihir. Naira gets helpless to leave Kartik and family, being disappointed with him. Naira lived alone with her child in Goa, by hiding her pregnancy and Kairav’s birth news from Kartik. She just wanted to keep her self esteem. Kartik and Naira meet again because of Kairav. Kartik gets into a marriage with Vedika.

Kartik still longs for Naira. He wants to marry Naira again, when he learns that his relation still has hope. Naira’s divorce twists are also repeated. Kairav wants his parents to be together. Vedika reveals to the family that Kartik and Naira’s marriage isn’t annulled by the five year separation. She wants them to get divorced, so that she can secure her marriage. Kartik and Naira get a relief with this news, since they were feeling the pain of illegitimate love feelings post Vedika coming into picture.

Nevertheless, Kartik decides to marry Naira for the fourth time when Vedika’s true face gets revealed. Vedika will be changing into a negative character to get an exit from Goenka family. Kartik and Naira will ultimately unite. This time, Kartik has to keep his promise of trust for long.

What do you think about the upcoming twists? Shoot in your comments to express your likes and dislikes on the show, this very post and possibility of upcoming track.

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  1. I am watching yeh rishta kya kehalata hai since starting. There is no planning or ploting since 10 years but due to vedikas track it lost its self dignity and put itself with other serials.

  2. Again it’s a fake news just to get trp so that they can continue to serve the chit which they are serving us since last 4 months…… Sirf news mei rhne ke liye aur ye ghatiyapan continue krne ke liye itna cheap publicity stunt phirse hmari feelings ke sath khelenge… Itne sare logo ka trust kho rhe hai ye log ki inko koi idea bhi nhi hai aur ye news false hai ye proof hone ke bad toh completely kho denge….. This is not our show which we loved for last 11yrs and it has just completely lost its every basic things on which the show was based….. Never thought hmare pyar ka affection towards the show aisa mazak banayenge ye log…. Itna faida toh koi nhi uthata..koi nhi sab ka tym ata hai inka bhi ye overconfidence kahi toh jakar totega aur us din bat krenge…. Hmare kaira ko hmesha ke barbad kr diya, we will never forgive them never ever….. Chi DKP chi

  3. Sorry this is wrong
    This is not done in real life
    Marriage is not a game to be played again n again vth such a man that doesn’t have trust on his wife
    I used to watch this serial till Naira’s brain tumour’s twist
    But now I left the serial
    Hope you find some Nu situation or put the serial to an end
    It’s almost very looooooong period


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