Star Plus Latest Spoilers Top 5 Superhit Shows

Star Plus Latest Spoilers Top 5 Superhit Shows

Star Plus Latest Spoilers Top 5 Superhit Shows Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira files a divorce to make Kartik and Vedika’s marriage legal. She doesn’t want Vedika to attempt suicide again. Naira explains her decision to the family, for which they are proud of her. Naira fails to convince the Goenkas that she would be divorcing Kartik and taking Kairav away with her forever. Goenkas doesn’t want to lose Kairav. Naira is compelled by Vedika to leave from Kartik’s life. She fears that Vedika may end her life in the frustrated state.

Kartik doesn’t think for Vedika’s situation. He isn’t connected to her. He doesn’t know that Naira’s divorce plea is due to Vedika’s insistence. Kartik misunderstands Naira’s intentions once again. Kartik and Naira’s marriage needs a divorce. Kartik files a custody case to get Kairav with him. This comes as a stunning twist in the track.

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Ishani falls for Sid more and more, which makes her avoid him. She doesn’t keep up her good work. She just wants to control her growing feelings. She gets helpless that she couldn’t stop thinking about Sid. She daydreams and romances Sid. Sid gets angered seeing her weird behavior. He reprimands her for turning lazy and insincere towards her work. He reminds Ishani the duties of a doctor, which she is neglecting for her so called love realization.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Mr. Bajaj gets obsessed with Prerna. He realizes that he can’t lose Prerna now when she completes his family. He doesn’t want Anurag to win any way. Anurag suspects that Mr. Bajaj is planning something big. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna have an emotional conversation. He clearly tells her not to speak about Anurag often. He expresses his discomfort. Anurag confronts Mr. Bajaj for the accident truth. Mr. Bajaj admits to have committed the accident deliberately to kill Anurag. He brings out his shocking mentally traumatic side to Anurag, while unveiling his childhood secrets. Keep reading for the full posts and more on the show.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:
Raima returns in Rohit’s life just in the moment when Sonakshi was going to get engaged with him. Rohit had been romancing Sonakshi since his love realization. Raima gets unexpected help from Sumit, who also wants to enjoy the drama at Sippy house. Sumit hates Sonakshi and wants her life to get ruined. Sumit helps Raima in reaching Rohit and stopping his engagement. Rohit calls off his engagement with Sonakshi when Raima accuses Sonakshi for her accident. To the worse, Rohit ends his relationship with Sonakshi. He bonds with Raima again, with sympathy and concern.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
After the attack on Ishita, another mystery comes up. Bhallas get into a turmoil when they get hints of real Raman being alive and coming back to them. Real Raman Bhalla comes into picture again when he goes to save his wife Ishita. The Bhallas learn about the real Raman’s return. They doesn’t know if he is real or again someone planted by their strong enemy. Real Raman, aka Karan Patel returns in the show with the new twisted track. Ishita and assumed Raman will be facing a shocker with real Raman’s entry.

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  1. Interesting to know #raaz# in khkt but pls don’t drag like before watching the preview itself expect ed drama solve Ronakshi problem soon

  2. So much over drama in kaha hum kaha tum
    Wht u always deject the person who plays the positive role…like every other serial the person playing main role is always shattered… henceforth because of all this u r giving society a negative message… thts y nowadays ppl dnt take a step forward to do positive things… because in daily soaps the person who plays positive role has to suffer a lot….why damn sonakshi is involved in every other matter…


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