Kumkum Bhagya New story to connect Abhi Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya New story to connect Abhi Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya New story to connect Abhi Pragya Priyanka gets obsessed for Rishi. She asks Pragya to get her married to Rishi. She threatens that she will kill herself. Pragya stops her from taking any wrong step. She asks Priyanka to fix the spoiled things first. Abhi and Vikram have a talk about younger generation’s love. Abhi recalls his past with Pragya. They had a series of sweet moments. Abhi knows he was very naughty before. He still wants to get naughty once Pragya gets back. He wishes that Pragya returns in his life. He shares his life story with Vikram.

He tells him that Pragya and his romance was always hindered by the family. He tells how he struggled to romance her. He shares about his marriage and love phase with Pragya. Vikram can’t believe that Abhi had married first and then fell in love with Pragya. Pragya makes Priyanka call Abhi. Abhi and Pragya fail to talk once again. Vikram gets interested in knowing about Abhi and Pragya’s love story. Pragya asks Priyanka to get her treatment done. Priyanka blames her for getting her daughter married to Rishi. Pragya loses her cool. She doesn’t want to slap Priyanka. She warns Priyanka against following Rishi or anyone else.

Meanwhile, Rhea and Prachi have a clash in the college again. They both are competing for getting all the limelight in the fashion show. Rhea and Prachi argue over the choice of clothes. Ranbir wants to become a good boy like Rishi so that he can get Prachi’s attention. Rishi wants to give the house keys to Shahana. He informs her about the keys.

Priyanka meets Sarita and seeks her help. Sarita wants to know her problem. Priyanka asks for Rishi again. She tells Sarita that she wants to help Rishi by making his future bright. She speaks against Pragya. She expresses her wish to marry Rishi. Sarita knows Pragya is right. Priyanka tells her that Pragya isn’t a good person. Sarita defends Pragya. She gets certain that Priyanka is a rich, crazy and obsessed girl. She asks her to stay away from Rishi. Priyanka asks her to think of Rishi and her.

She doesn’t want Rishi to marry Shahana. Sarita lies to her that Rishi and Shahana’s Roka is already done. Priyanka gets angered knowing this shocking news. She screams out her frustration. Abhi learns about Priyanka’s sorrow. He asks Priyanka if she is leaving, is she worried for Rishi. When she confirms her problem, he asks her to meet him at the office. He wants to unite the lovers only if their love is mutual. Abhi doesn’t know about Priyanka’s obsession. Abhi and Pragya get connected once again through Rishi and Priyanka’s story.

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