Mohabbatein Unexpected twist challenges Raman’s identity

Mohabbatein Unexpected twist challenges Raman's identity

Mohabbatein Unexpected twist challenges Raman’s identity The Bhallas are confused after Raman’s call. Simmi feels if they doubt on Raman living with them, then it will be much wrong with him. She explains that they shouldn’t believe such rumors until they themselves see real Raman back. She doesn’t think this can happen. She just wants to confirm about the caller, pretending to be Raman and spreading wrong news. Mrs. Bhalla is tensed that she has heard Raman’s exact voice. Simmi worriedly informs the scenario to Ruhi and Yug. Ruhi wonders who is behind this new conspiracy. She tells Simmi that someone wants to ruin their family peace and unity, by spreading such false news.

Mamta works for Sudha in her hospital. She takes a work break on Natasha’s orders. She doesn’t want to lose her job. She meets Natasha who has bribed her. Natasha wants Bhallas to lose faith in Raman and kick him out of the house. She wants Raman to lose his family and come with her. She has made this evil plan to bring the real Raman twist in Bhalla family. She wants Raman to suffer to the extent that he himself agrees to come with her as Shardul. She tells Sunil that they have fooled the Bhallas well by taking Raman’s name.

Natasha wants to access the diamonds locker so that she can change her life. She wants to leave everything and get away from the country once she gets her diamonds. She doesn’t want to delay her plans. She tells Sunil that Arijit is calling them for an urgent meet. She wants to know what’s his agenda. Raman is stressed that the family isn’t believing his identity. Ruhi and Karan try to divert his mind. They plan a family dinner in the hospital for Ishita and Raman’s sake. Sudha tells them that they can have a get together in her cabin which can make them feel like home.

Arijit meets Natasha and informs her about the real Raman twist. He asks her how is it possible that real Raman came back and donated blood to Ishita. He wonders how did Raman get saved from such a big accident and how did he get so fit that he started donating blood. He feels its some imposter doing this, since Raman can’t be so healthy at this time. Natasha doesn’t tell him that she has spread this lie and fooling Bhallas. She fools Arijit as well. She tells him that Raman is back and that means Shardul is really her husband. She lies to him, which he senses. He doesn’t want her to act smart.

He asks her not to spoil his plans by her over smartness. She doesn’t want to delay her plans further on his orders. She isn’t working for Arijit. She has her own big motives. Arijit senses that she is up to something. He asks Bhuvan to spy on Natasha. Natasha goes to meet Ishita and Raman. She breaks their peace by revealing that real Raman is back. She questions Raman’s identity again and names him Shardul. Raman gets broken down seeing the same doubt in his family’s eyes again. He asks Ishita if he suspects him as well. Ishita has full faith in her Raman and testifies that he is her husband. She wants the family to believe Raman and not come in any enemy’s trap.

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