Patiala Babes Babita slaps Minnie Emotional breakdown

Patiala Babes Babita slaps Minnie Emotional breakdown

Patiala Babes Babita slaps Minnie Emotional breakdown Babita slaps Minnie in anger. She can’t tolerate Minnie’s doings. She feels Minnie has crossed her limits and needed the slap to put an end to the matter. Babita feels Minnie and Micky’s closeness is getting increasing day by day. She asks Minnie to stop the fun and focus on her studies. She warns Minnie against meeting Micky much. She vents out the anger. Minnie tells Babita that she was just enjoying with her friends. Babita is troubled by the society taunts. She had heard the neighborhood speaking nonsense about Minnie and Micky. The people taunted that Minnie is learning about losing her good character from Babita, Babita thinks of the bad taunts.

The people blamed her for marrying twice, that too in this age. The neighbors think ill about Babita. They spot Minnie and Micky going to the college together and having rides as well. They feel Minnie and Micky have an affair. Babita can’t take it anymore. She relates everything with her life. She thinks if Micky already had a girlfriend, then why is he interested in Minnie. She doesn’t want any complications in Minnie’s life. Micky is dating Preet. Preet knows that Minnie and Micky’s relation is pure since they are best friends. Preet shows her understanding towards Minnie. She has no confusion in mind.

Babita doesn’t like this friendship, since the society doesn’t accept the friendship between a guy and a girl. Minnie never cared for the society and got her mum married to Hanuman. Minnie feels hurt that Babita isn’t trusting her. All that matters to her in Babita’s faith. She doesn’t care what the people speak about her behind her back. She clarifies to Babita that Micky is just a good friend. She wants to clear the filth from Babita’s mind. Babita feels guilty that she has slapped Minnie in anger due to the people’s taunts. She feels she has done wrong with Minnie. Babita sheds tears. She shares the matter with Hanuman, who asks her to make an apology to Minnie.

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