Ronak superhero trick works again for Muskaan

Ronak superhero trick works again for Muskaan

Ronak superhero trick works again for Muskaan Maalik sends his goons after Ronak and Muskaan. He is angry on Inder for failing to do his work well. He asks Inder why didn’t he do his work well. He wanted Inder to stop Muskaan from reaching the Collector office. He asks Inder to find Ronak and Muskaan at any cost. Hukum also sends his men to find them. Ronak and Muskaan hide in the procession and get saved. Ronak meets Hanumant and thanks him for supporting. Hanumant tells Ronak that some people came to look for him. He feels some people want to support Ronak and Muskaan. Ronak doesn’t want to take any chance. He tells that he shall leave if he finds anything suspicious.

Muskaan wants to get more support. Hukum and Maalik want Amma to win the elections. Maalik knows Muskaan will trick the men and run away. He asks them to be extra alert. He wants to kill Ronak and Muskaan. The village women meet Muskaan and promise to support her. Ronak takes Muskaan to the pandal. They get surrounded by Maalik’s men. Amma gives her speech and is happy that both her sons are together for her victory.


She wants them to be always together and bring peace in the village. Muskaan doesn’t come for the campaign. Ronak fights with the goons. He gets badly beaten up by the goons, which worries Muskaan a lot. Hanumant reaches there to help Ronak. Saaho waits for Muskaan. Ronak and Muskaan avoid the odds and reach the pandal, shocking their enemies. Ronak proves out to be her superhero, who always saves her. Muskaan gives a thought changing speech to encourage the women. Maalik hinders her speech. He reveals to them that Muskaan is a brothel dancer. He insults Muskaan and asks the women not to follow Muskaan’s footsteps. Ronak takes a step to defend his wife again.

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