Shakti Harman hugely missed by Soumya

Shakti Harman hugely missed by Soumya

Shakti Harman hugely missed by Soumya Preeto wants Soumya to become Heer’s strength so that she can get rid of her enemies. Soumya misses Harman a lot. She falls weak when she thinks of Harman. She doesn’t want to cry in his remembrance, still she can’t help it but sink in his memories. She knows there can’t be any man like Harman. She didn’t wish Harman to go too far from her life. She has lost all her happiness after losing him. She gets angered that he had left from her life this way. She thinks of Harman and her sweet moments of her past, to gain strength. Preeto promises to be with Heer always.

Mahi turns negative again and wants to get rid of Heer. She is supporting Vedant to get Heer kidnapped. Harak Singh wants the police to find Vedant. She also gets the goons to catch Vedant. He doesn’t want Vedant killed. He wants to kill Vedant himself. He wants revenge on Vedant for killing Harman. Even the kinners group led by Saaya are hunting for Vedant so that they can secure Heer. Vedant hides from the police. He finds the kinners finding him too. He gets helpless to hide from the kinners, goons and police.

He thinks what to do to get saved from them. Mahi comes as a great help for him. Harak and Preeto don’t know that Vedant is getting help from Mahi. Harak shares his sorrow with Arjun. Arjun is thinking to divide Harak’s family by breaking the unity between Heer, Rohan and Soham. He wants to make the family against Heer. Soumya feels the kids should be united. Vedant tells Mahi that he wants to get Soumya and go far. He doesn’t know where can he stay in peace. Mahi tells him about one such place. Vedant contacts Arjun to meet for an urgency. Vedant turns into a kinner just for Soumya. Vedant tricks Arjun by his kinner avatar.

Arjun doesn’t recognize him at first. Vedant then reveals his truth to Arjun. Arjun then realizes Vedant’s shocking avatar. Vedant reveals his shocking plans of escape to Arjun. Arjun gets praising Vedant, who doesn’t want to get caught by Harak’s goons. Preeto encourages Soumya for her big fight against her enemies for protecting Heer. She asks Soumya to gain strength and learn to tackle her enemies. She wants Soumya to practice hard so that she doesn’t miss her aim. Vedant finds the place at Saaya’s house.

He thinks none will be able to reach him there and he would be close to Soumya too. Preeto tells Soumya that she has to protect Heer. Soumya doesn’t think she can learn shooting skills. Preeto trains Soumya to make her self dependant in Harman’s absence. She also wants her son to be back. Soumya and Preeto pray for Harman’s return. They show up women power against all the odds. Vedant fears to get caught up by Saaya, but gets a clean chit. Vedant and Mahi plot to separate Soumya and Heer.

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