Star Plus Kulfi Sikandar face a huge compulsion threat

Star Plus Kulfi Sikandar face a huge compulsion threat

Star Plus Kulfi Sikandar face a huge compulsion threat Sikandar is scared that he has to get inside the building some way. He takes the big risk and tries to get in. He can do anything to get Amyra back. Kulfi collides with Jimmy. He asks her to perform well if she wants to make a place in the competition. Kulfi gets relieved that Jimmy didn’t identify her. Kulfi tries to find Amyra, since she has come to the venue while following the kidnapper. She wants to get Amyra as soon as possible. She tries to get clues. She learns about the kidnapper. Kulfi sees the ring mark, which matches with the kidnapper’s ring. Kulfi reaches a shady place and tries to find that kidnapper.

She gets to see some men talking strange plans. She thinks if they are talking about Amyra. Sikandar overhears Tony and Jimmy’s plans. He goes to confront them about Amyra. He bashes up Jimmy and asks where is Tony. He is worried for Amyra. He wants to know where did they keep Amyra after kidnapping her. He reprimands Tony for being such a bad grandparent. He asks Tony what was his motive. Tony stops Sikandar and tells him that he doesn’t know about Amyra. Sikandar can’t believe this. He questions Jimmy. A person meets them and shoots at Sikandar. Sikandar gets saved and is in shock.

The man threatens Sikandar and asks him to just follow his instructions. Sikandar wants to know why is he targeted. The man asks Sikandar to kill the CM. He tells that he failed to kill the CM before. He wants Sikandar to carry out this big task. Kulfi tells the man that she is his child. She makes a sobbing story to fool the man. Sikandar tells the man that he can’t kill anyone, he isn’t a criminal. He begs him to return his daughter. Amyra’s kidnapper asks Kulfi to get away. Kulfi tells him that she is really his child.

The ladies bash up the kidnapper, who runs away. Kulfi still follows her. Sikandar tries to call Kulfi. He misses Amyra and is deeply worried, since its a big trap. He knows the danger is also huge. The kidnapper asks his boss if he should kill Amyra once Sikandar does their work. Kulfi tries to reach Amyra. Sikandar reaches the Jagrata competition, where the CM comes as the chief guest. He doesn’t want to kill the CM. He gets terrified.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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