Kumkum Bhagyaa Disgusting twist ruins Abhi’s peace

Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Zee Spoilers Tonight

Kumkum Bhagyaa Disgusting twist ruins Abhi’s peace Priyanka tries to trap Rishi in her love. Rishi finds her too obsessed. He gets angered on her, after seeing her madness. He finds her disgusting when she tries to force her love. He slaps her in anger and makes a leave from the office. Priyanka gets determined to get him. Rishi and Priyanka get in Abhi’s sight. Abhi finds Rishi’s state odd. He goes to ask him if he is fine. Rishi prefers to stay silent about Priyanka’s disgusting act. Abhi gets more worried when he finds Priyanka in an equally odd state. Priyanka didn’t wish Abhi to find her running after Rishi.

Abhi doesn’t know she is obsessed for Rishi. He derives a wrong meaning on seeing the situation. He misunderstands Rishi. Rishi comes home and gets answerable to Pragya. Pragya sympathizes with him on seeing him. She wants to know the matter, but he prefers to be silent. She observes him to get her answers. Rishi wants to be alone to get back to senses, after Priyanka’s cheap act. Rishi is scared. Pragya wants to help Rishi. Prachi and Shahana spend time with Sarita. Daasi’s sister Guddi comes to stay in Abhi’s house. Guddi brings some light moments in the family. Rishi stays affected by the shocking incident.

He is tensed that Priyanka may come home. To his shock, police comes home to arrest him for molesting Priyanka. Abhi sends the police to jail Rishi for his crime, unaware that Priyanka is the culprit in the matter. Priyanka plays the victim card. Abhi feels he has failed to keep his promise of protecting Priyanka. Priyanka lied to him that Rishi tried to molest her. Abhi wants revenge on Rishi, being mistaken by Priyanka’s false story. Priyanka thinks she will never get Rishi back. She stoops low that he didn’t accept her marriage proposal.

She wanted to marry him. She wants to ruin his life now. She puts the entire blame on Rishi. Vikram wants to know if Abhi is fine. Abhi can’t tell him about the incident. Priyanka asks Abhi to get justice for her. Priyanka badly frames Rishi. Abhi doesn’t tell anything to Vikram, on Priyanka’s word. Vikram senses that Abhi is silent since a storm is approaching. Rishi gets slapped by the inspector. He gets arrested and dragged to the police station, where Abhi is waiting for him.

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  1. Actually story is about reunion abi and Pragya
    I didn’t know why priyanka and rushing on show with no connection with the story
    Please make abi and Pragya to join and lead a life happily with kiara, prachi and rhea

  2. Plz reunion pragya abhi prachi Rhea Kiara and bring prachi and ranveer love story forward plzz we r getting bored by this episodes


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