Rishtey Pyaar Abir Meenakshi Shocking humiliation

Rishtey Pyaar Abir Meenakshi Shocking humiliation

Rishtey Pyaar Abir Meenakshi Shocking humiliation Abir gets glad that Mehul knows his heart so well, unlike Meenakshi. He bonds with Mehul just like the childhood. Mehul tells him that Abir is still the same for him. He sees Abir’s love for Mishti. He gets friendly with Abir and asks him to go to meet Mishti. He knows Meenakshi doesn’t like Mishti. He takes the responsibility of Abir’s love story completion. He tells that he has made Meenakshi so heartless by running away when she needed him. He didn’t wish to hurt Meenakshi. Abir pacifies him. He wants to know about Mehul’s past gradually. He wants Abir and Mishti to unite.

He promises to help Abir. Rajshri teases Mishti about Abir. She asks Mishti not to break their trust ever. She permits Mishti to meet Abir. Mishti gets ready to meet Abir. She gets a surprise when Meenakshi comes home to invite Maheshwaris for Abir’s birthday. Mishti is very happy that Meenakshi has herself come to invite her. Abir rushes to meet Mishti, but stops when the family throws a grand surprise for him. He can’t ask for more, since he got his dad back. Mehul teases Abir if he is looking for Mishti.

Moreover, the Rajvansh family performs and celebrates. Abir joins them, but misses Mishti. Mishti and Maheshwaris make an entry and surprise Abir. Abir gets delighted to know that Meenakshi invited them. He is grateful to Meenakshi. He dances with Mishti. He spends time with her. Mishti plans a romantic date surprise for Abir. She overhears Meenakshi and Nanu’s conversation. She realizes that Meenakshi hates Mehul and is ready to do anything to kick him out of the house. She wants to find the matter, why Meenakshi wants Mehul out of the house. Mishti tries to find the truth.

Abir is happy to celebrate with family. He thinks Mishti should have spent more time with her. He starts ignoring her. Mishti thinks he is upset with her and goes away. Abir rushes to meet someone and comes across Mishti’s lovely surprise. Meenakshi calls the village people to expose Mehul. The people recognize Mehul and insult him a lot. They go to the extent of blackening Mehul’s face. Abir and Mishti take a stand for Mehul, while Kunal supports Meenakshi. Kunal has no interest in knowing the truth, since Meenakshi matters to him. He wishes Abir values their mum too.

After witnessing the humiliating moment, Abir feels achy in his heart that Meenakshi has fallen so low to get her husband insulted. He reprimands her for always disrespecting others feelings. He tells Kunal that Meenakshi doesn’t care of their feelings, she doesn’t deserve to be called a mother, since mothers are not such. He tags Meenakshi a monster, much to her shock. Abir gets insulting his mother publicly, which brings a shock for Meenakshi. She can’t tolerate this and breaks down.

Meenakshi’s plan to expose Mehul and insult him fails. She doesn’t want Nanu to tell Abir about Mehul’s real crime, that’s to cheat in marriage and have an illegitimate relation with Parul. Meenakshi doesn’t want this truth to come out, which would shatter her family completely.

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